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Friday, May 8, 2009

And Then There is One

We start out as one--alone in the womb--but soon we join THE FAMILY--parents who coo and sing and love and feed and clean and nurture. The circle grows--siblings,aunts,uncles,cousins --maybe grandparents. We go into the world and acquire friends who are like family and their families become part of the extended family. Some of us get married or form a particular bond with a specific partner and adopt that person's family as our own. Perhaps, with that partner we add children and the circle becomes huge and the support of it and the burden of it and the stress of it all keeps us going. Far too soon the circle begins to grow smaller as the elders start off on new journeys --to another place? The younger ones move on as well, to other places and to other "families". Until the circle is completed and once more we are just one!

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