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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

State of Mind

If age is just a state of mind then I am around 2000 years old today. Fell, avoiding the cat on the stairs last night, and figured my ankle was sprained. When I tried to get up from the floor I was totally unable to do it. Thank goodness for Bill--was able to winch me up and I went to bed and slept fine. This morning the pain in the ankle was unbearable and the 90+ heat was setting in. I needed Bill to help me up out of bed--incredibly painful and even help me get off the throne--exceedingly mortifying. God, am I so old already? Horribly scary to realize that I could have been stranded on the floor all day or the bathroom waiting for him to come home to help! What if I lived alone?

I hate taking medicine but knowing I HAD to get to the hospital to get an xray, which entailed going down the back stairs and getting out of the car twice, I gulped down two Advil. In about a half hour the pain subsided enough that I could get up and down alone and walk without yelping out loud. Were at the hospital by 930,where I walked until going to xray which was far off--so I took the offer of the wheelchair this time. I could feel the bones moving the way they do when you crack your knuckles. By 1030 I was waiting for the results of the xray. I knew it was broken but Bill thought it was just a bad sprain. Doc came into the room and said " Well, you did it!" I said " Broken?" He shook his head yes and I said" fibula?" and he said " yup the distal end" I knew it. So they put a flimsy air cast on, gave me crutches,which I cannot use, and a prescription for a walking brace. Asked if I needed anything stronger than Advil and I said no, that's fine.

Off to Keene Medical where the girl wasn't sure how much to inflate the cast. I'm not sure it is tight enough but at least it is supporting my leg when I try to put weight on it. Will have to read the directions. The Doctor from orthopaedics called when I got home and I have to return on Monday for a follow up. I am so exhausted and dying of the heat and feel as I said about 2000 years old.

Giving a party on Sunday--have to do all the cooking for it limping around. Family reunion next weekend and family wedding in August and me with a Frankenstein leg. It sucks getting old--I don't care what anyone says.


  1. Oh fer cryin' out loud, cancel (or postpone) the party! Or have the thing catered. And go back and get the good painkillers and send them to me.

  2. Got your response...doesn't matter where you leave it, I'll find it. Particularly in this case, in which I felt a little bit as if I had verbally bludgeoned you. Sorry. And glad you're past the party and have come to your senses about the reunion.
    Just lay back and heal, already!

  3. No--you did not bludgeon me--you gave me a well deserved kick in the backside. I don't usually get so down and believe me it didn't last long. Had a good time at my party and didn't feel badly about skipping the reunion. Had several chats with family who called before and during and have already received pix--the wonders of modern technology! LOL And so, as you can see, I'm reading up a storm and otherwise accepting that the leg is broke and only time will fix it.I cannot believe how I let myself stew even a little while when in the scheme of things a broken leg is such a small inconvenience. I'm just so used to going,going,going that it hit me a bit. I even got in a shower and washed my lovely locks this am--LOL I smell pretty!!!