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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jeffrey Archer's New One Is A Rehash of Many Before It.

Only Time Will TellOnly Time Will Tell by Jeffrey Archer

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

How many books have been written about the bastard son of a bastardly rich man? His mother is a poor woman alone. He faces all kinds of travails but in the end succeeds. Falls in love with his half-sister, unwittingly, of course,and fortuitously, a War is on the horizon so he can go off and leave it all behind. Except for the War and his assumption of a new identity in a new country all of the above facts are known within the first ten pages. Not a badly written book, innocuous, shop worn though its plot. Harmless, easy, if predictable read which, on its last page, throws in the hook that will allow for what I imagine will be a predictable sequel.

I almost didn't finish reading once I realized that I'd figured out the basic premise but several others advised me to continue because there would be interesting revelations and developments. Nope, turned out just as I expected.

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  1. KT;
    Enjoyed your review.
    I've found Archer's writing to be dry but do enjoy his stories on tape.

  2. I decided a long time ago that Mr. Archer writes the very same book over and over. A number of authors do that and sometimes I don't mind, but it does dull the edge of the stories.