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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Virtual Pen Week 2

There are two prompts this week: Write a story based on Picture No. 1 or alternatively describe a memorable first. Though I won't always follow both prompts each time, I decided to combine them since this chair often reminds me of the first time I held my new baby sister.

Sitting in a straight backed chair
Little legs dangling
Strappy shoes and socks above the floor
" Put out your arms "
Manicured hands lower the pink clad bundle
" Don't drop her "
Afraid to move
Green eyes meet curious blue
The bond is formed
As I watch her with wonder


  1. A great image you have created!
    I think my sister wanted to know how long I was going to be staying...

  2. You must be the baby! That thought only occurred to me later--LOL And even later other thoughts have been added. I was three when Mom and Dad brought her home--that was 65 almost 66 years ago--I remember it like it was yesterday.