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Friday, April 19, 2013

The Good Sister by Diana Diamond ( ****)

Two girls raised by an innovative pioneer in telecommunications and left as two rich heiresses upon his death are fiercely competitive in every aspect of their lives. Each with a third interest in the burgeoning empire he developed and in partnership with the man he designated their advisor and balancing vote in any business decision made. One woman perfectly in charge of the technological aspect of launching the satellites that will make them even richer, the other as perfectly in charge of seducing the investors necessary to make it happen. And in the middle, the man who is able to keep their almost pathological jealousy and rivalry in check. That is until a sexy, fading movie star enters their life and marries one of them. Even then things continue without change until the newly married sister loses control of her sports car on the curving roads of the Amalfi Coast and almost loses her life.
Who is the good sister? Was the accident an accident and if not who was responsible for the attempt to eliminate one of the women? Is she the good sister being destroyed by the evil sister or is it all a contrived hoax to make it seem that way. Did the new husband try to eliminate a very rich wife in order to gain access to her money and a third of the business?  Or, perhaps, the man in the middle orchestrated everything to eliminate one by death, the others by establishing their guilt in that death?
Back and forth, the story weaves. One solution as plausible as the next. The reader as confused as the characters,trying to sort out the mystery and the motivations for each scenario--right up until the final destruction of the plotters and the happy ending for the good sister---or is she? Even with all the threads neatly tied into place, as one closes the book, the question remains--Who is the good sister?

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