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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Music Can Conquer All

Tempted by YouTempted by You by Tiffany Clare
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a Goodreads first read giveaway. A lively romance about a piano virtuoso, Rosa, who is damaged physically ( blind ), emotionally ( her fiancé was killed in the accident in which she was blinded ) and socially ( her father was forced by her would-be father-in-law to disown and humiliate her). She has become a courtesan in order to survive and so is a social outcast. One of her closest friends is a Duke to whom she has appealed for help. Her dissolute younger brother has disappeared and she seeks the aristocrats aid in finding him. The Duke is otherwise engaged with problems of his own, however, his younger brother, Ted, becomes enchanted with her and agrees to help in the Duke's stead, if Rosa will assist him in perfecting a musical opus he is preparing and with which he is dissatisfied.

Of course, everything works out happily for the two musicians, Ted is a violinist as well as a composer, but not before all kinds of obstacles must be overcome. Though the story line is familiar the author adds touches that are unique. Each chapter, for example, begins with a love note written by a famous musician, primarily but not exclusively, by Beethoven. The words are such revelations about the poetry and literacy in the hearts and minds of composers whose musical works have lasted through the test of time. Perhaps, Ted and, indeed, Rosa, who also composes, will join their ranks.

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