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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Rather Lengthy Gossip Column

Frank & Ava: In Love and WarFrank & Ava: In Love and War by John Brady
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Basically this is a Hollywood tell all with a central theme of Frank's big love was Ava, Ava's big love was Frank. They couldn't live together but just couldn't stay apart. Ho-hum----the story didn't strike me as a life long passion but rather an obsessive relationship driven primarily by lust and booze. Not my definition of love and not terribly different from the relationships that they managed to have with others both together and apart. A very lengthy gossip column that revealed much more than I wanted to know about the sharing of wives, girlfriends and one night stands among far too many of the well-known men in Hollywood at the time. None of these people, in my opinion, loved anyone but themselves--both the men and the women.

As to the two principals of the story: Ava was pretty--some said beautiful-- an okay actress, apparently quite good in bed and very fond of it, and a drunken souse. Arrived in Hollywood a teen virgin who neither drank nor smoked, according to the author. Within two and a half years she was married and divorced twice, drank and smoked plenty and still hadn't landed a significant role in any movie. Frank was just what every newspaper article ever described. Here those stories were repeated and slightly elaborated upon--basically he was arrogant and slept around and hung out with mobsters.

I received this book from Bookbrowse in the First Impressions program to read and review. Glad I didn't spend any money on this padded supposed story of two people who couldn't live with or without each other.

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