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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Early 20th Century Lonely Hearts---in Murray Hill

Murder in Murray Hill (Gaslight Mystery, #16)Murder in Murray Hill by Victoria Thompson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My grandmother, who was born in the 1880's, died when I was 15 and my Mom was born in 1901--both in NYC. So growing up in Manhattan myself and having heard so many of their stories about growing up in the City, this has been an absolute favorite series of mine. This installment deals with the kidnapping of less than beautiful spinsters by a man who advertises in the Lonely Hearts column of a city newspaper. He is found with his throat slit and one of his victims slumped in a corner of the room drenched in his blood.

Malloy is called to the scene of what turns out to be his last case as a NYC policeman. Indeed, he is removed from the case and the force but is hired by the girl's father to investigate as a private investigator. Many twists and turns and red herrings later the murder is solved and the arrest of the murderer is handled in a very clever and satisfying way.

On another note, Malloy and Mrs Brandt seem to have found a house to which to move once they are married and need to merge their separate families. He has a son and his mother, and Mrs Brandt has a daughter and housemaid. Neither of their present homes is large enough to accommodate them all, but trusty Mrs Ellsworth may have found a place and nearby, too. Sooooo, maybe the wedding will be coming soon.

Can't wait.

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