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Friday, October 16, 2015

Working Her Way Through College

Lowcountry Bordello (A Liz Talbot Mystery, #4)Lowcountry Bordello by Susan M. Boyer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Liz Talbot Mystery #4--haven't read the first three but think I'm going to have to get hold of them. An entirely new approach to the cozy mystery genre. Well, the plot is different even if the main characters are not unique. Liz Talbot is a PI with a handsome partner, Nate Andrews and a helpful ghost of a high school friend, Colleen. Liz and Nate are about two days from their wedding when Liz gets a call from one of her bridesmaids who tells her, hysterically, that she has just seen her husband, dead and face down in the ancestral home of her family in Charleston. Let me back up, Olivia, the bridesmaid, has seen her husband, Robert, dead on the floor of Aunt Dean's parlor.

Well, Robert is very much alive but a prominent politician is not. Also the ancestral home, far from being a boardinghouse run by Olivia's ancient aunt, is actually a bordello. The girls housed there give a whole new meaning to working one's way through college. Like a fun game of Clue, only with the room and weapon known, Nate and Liz attempt to discover who did the murder while also trying to get the details of their rehearsal dinner etc set.

A great romp like an Audrey Hepburn-Cary Grant movie with lots of Y'all's thrown in.

PS--Love the covers on the books from Henery Press!

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