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Monday, May 9, 2016

Death Come Quickly--and Herb Robert Has Always Been One of My Favs!!!

Death Come Quickly (China Bayles, #22)Death Come Quickly by Susan Wittig Albert
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cannot believe this is the 22nd book in the series and China is still one of my favorite herb shop owner-former lawyer-amateur sleuths. In this outing the fatal mugging of one of her friends, and a friend of Ruby's as well both shocks and saddens them. The victim had been the visual arts instructor at the local community college and, when one of the students whose video about a local cold case murder is robbed, China's suspicions are aroused. Could the murder of a divorced art gallery owner 15 years ago and the acquittal of the accused murderer have any connection to the mugging of the mentor and the robbing of one of the videos producers be connected?

In true Albert fashion the pieces begin to take shape amid the everyday life events of Pecan Springs, including the pregnancy of Smart Cookie and her husband, Blackie. The Whiz makes a cameo appearance as does an old China flame. Hubby continues to run his investigative business with Blackie and the kids are growing up--son off to college in the fall, daughter still raising chickens. All in all, it is life as usual in Pecan Springs and as usual Ruby and China are in the thick of things.

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