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Monday, October 24, 2016

Savage Spring--a Malin Fors Mystery

Savage SpringSavage Spring by Mons Kallentoft
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The fourth in Kallentoft's Malin Fors series. This is one series that should be read from the first book forward, since Malin's life and her involvement with her estranged husband, Janne, her teen-aged daughter, Tove, as well as her parents all evolve and develop during the course of the series.

Each book, however, involves a new murder. In this one, a bomb is detonated in one of the squares of Linkopping, Sweden, where Malin is a police detective. A widow and her twin six year old daughters are killed in the explosion and the force is thrown into chaos in the immediacy of the event. Who or what group is responsible? Are there other bombs waiting to be detonated? What or whom was the target?

As the investigation gets under way, Malin must deal with the death of her mother and a family revelation that stuns her. The mystery is at the heart of the story but heavily interwoven is the story of various parents, choices they've made as parents and the impact those choices have had on their offspring. As usual, Kallentoft ties the clues together to solve the mystery but leaves the reader with many things to ponder after the fact. Also, he continues to use the voices of the deceased to drive the action, though in this case there is less use of the perpetrators voice than in the three cases preceding this one.

Having read the four seasons of the year, I'm now on to the fifth season, the name of Malin Fors number four.

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