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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Irish Tempest--Not Very Exciting Until the Last 50 Pages

The Irish TempestThe Irish Tempest by Elizabeth J. Sparrow
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Although the title is The Irish Tempest, it is not clear if it is meant to refer to the spoiled, headstrong Lacey, who irritated me completely, or to the Irish attempt to gain independence from Britain. If the latter, there was certainly very little about the Troubles. Although the bulk of the book revolves around the relationship between Lacey and Court, the relationship between their two families was rather murky. This earlier section is sweet and pastoral, it is repetitious and doesn't really explore the Raj in India and Irish soldiers in a British Army, nor does it spend much time on World War I and any impact it may have had on Ireland or the families of the story.
Lacey's relationship with Ran and Court's with Katherine are strange undeveloped plot lines. Some characters are not mentioned for so long in the narrative, that I forgot how they fit in the story. I finished reading the book, because it was pleasant enough reading. It finally picked up speed and became interesting at the end when the RIC and British started to truly go at a war to decide Ireland's fate. The story ends at the point where Britain is trying to get either Collins or de Valera to take a deal and the family has suffered loss of family members and possessions and appear to be leaving for America. There is to be a sequel. I hope there is more depth to the story and less scope in time.

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