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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Family Heirloom

Betsy was five when she made this plate for her Grandmother. I see we did it in the Fall of 1991 but I cannot remember if it was a Christmas gift or a something for Grandma, just because. Grandma died when Betsy was 8 so we've had it ever since and, because we use it, some of the colors have faded. Last night before filling it with dinner we three looked at it closely once more.
Betsy laughed at how distorted Bill is--he looks pregnant on long, long legs. Why? He's tall but never has had a belly! I remember at the time she made it, I asked about the Christmas lights and Betsy indignantly told me they were the leaves of fall. Last night she reiterated that and said ANYONE can see that's what they are--they still look like Christmas lights to me! LOL
We've always laughed about the huge rings she and I are wearing and how Bill seems to be holding up the sun, though we are holding hands. She also asked if I liked the rainbow! There was always a rainbow somewhere in her art.She noted that she got the eyes right--she and I have hazel eyes and they are exact as are the eyebrows but oh, those lashes on us all! Bill's eyes , you will note, are NOT hazel, they are brown. And, oh, yes, she said, I'm wearing a nice necklace there--meaning BetsYYYYY--oh, that Y! I am particularly enamoured by the tights, which if you look closely do cover the stick legs ( just as our sleeves cover the stick arms!) that were drawn first. And oh, those shoes--Minnie Mouse, anyone.
I just love this plate and wish now that she is 23 that she'd do another one for us. Maybe for Christmas?

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