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Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Lost Creative Form

My first collage--that is a hard creative form. My scientific mind was very challenged and even with effort I'm not happy since I don't think there is enough flow and randomness. I used Stampin' Up stamps and Jolee's stickers. Here is a sort of poem,which does get random in its rhythm, to go with the image. I hope you enjoy them.
First, Palmer Method
Perfectly Round Circles,
Beginning Cursive.

Salutation, the Body,
Then close with Signature.
Neat Penmanship,
Stationery,Plain or Fancy,
Depending on the Style.
Inks of Black or Blue
In Fountain Pens only,
Never Ball Point smears.
Business Letters,
Friendly Letters,
Notes of Thanks or Sympathy.
All Had Their Rules and Form.
But It Was Fun To Draw
On Envelopes,SWAK,and Hearts,
In Red and Turquoise Inks
On Paper With Polka Dots or Flowers.
Pages and Pages of News and Notes.
Sent Far and Wide for Ten Cents.
The Anticipation of An Answer.
The Joy When It Arrived.
Some of Us Still Carry On This Ancient Art,
Bemoaning email and fax and Twitter and Texting.
The Feel of Snail Mail in Our Hands,
The Scent of the Author,
The Chance to Reread Words of Those who've Gone,
Will Forever Keep Us Going With the Hope
Of Making Converts.

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