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Saturday, April 30, 2011

This Bird Does Not Beep-Beep!

Roadrunners (Look West Series)Roadrunners by Lynn Hassler Kaufman

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I have been enamoured with this bird ever since a young one decided that he/she? liked us and our car in the parking lot of White Sands National Park's visitors' center. The bird was on our hood and side view mirror having a great time with its reflection. When we came back to talk to it there was no fear and it allowed us to get quite near and photograph it, actually, it seemed to pose and preen for us. So when I saw this little book on this year's trip I picked it up. What an incredible creature this is--a hunter of the first order--grasshoppers and other insects, horned lizards, snakes, little birds ect. Its method of cooling itself in the hot summer and staying warm in the cooler winters was fascinating. The lifelong commitment to its mate after an extensive courtship ritual and the cooperative parenting and protection of home was offset by its ruthlessness in killing prey and even its own offspring if needs be.

So much more than the cartoon character and it doesn't even say beep,beep!

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