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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You Belong to Me by Karen Rose ( a Review)

You Belong to MeYou Belong to Me by Karen Rose

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a first reads win that I received to day--May 10. I dug right in and am on page 86 already! So far it is a page turner and I'm hooked. Don't think I'll be doing anything else but reading today.

Storm rolling in and a man, quite ill, boards his boat planning on suicide. As he sets the scene to make his death look like an accident another man appears from below with a letter in one hand, a knife in the other, demanding to know who else was involved in the beating and rape and death of his sister 21 years earlier. Within seven pages the reader has met the vengeful younger brother and his first two victims. One page later a Baltimore medical examiner, Lucy Trask, rounds a curve on her predawn jog and

finds the sleeping body of Mr Pugh, a beloved neighbor and former music teacher sitting at a chess table. When she tries to rouse him and help him back to their apartment building, he slumps forward, his hat falls off and his face, beaten beyond recognition, brings the awful realization that victim number three has been found. Thus starts a page turner of a mystery in which the reader knows who the killer is, sort of---his name, his motivation but not what he looks like. Lucy and the detectives who become involved in the case, Stevie Marzetti and JD Fitzgerald also realize that the killer is trying to terrorize her by making sure that it is she who finds the victims as the body count rises. Connections to Lucy's hometown and her family, particularly her deceased brother, are unearthed yet the connection to her in particular remains undiscovered as does the identity of the person who is obviously someone in her circle of friends or co-workers or her past.

The more brutal murders committed, some not related at all to the horror that happened 21 years earlier, the more involved Lucy and JD become, the more revelations of both their pasts, the more mysterious the story becomes and the more desperate the police and others are to find the murderer before he strikes again. At one point, it seemed I knew who it was but then, once that character became an almost victim, I was as lost as the investigators, official and otherwise, in the book.

The ripples of an old crime started destroying lives immediately and continue until the last notes of the coda fade away at the end of this book . You will not be able to put it down until Lucy has all the answers and you do, too.

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