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Saturday, June 11, 2011

It Is Really Nice to Get Comments and Fun to Respond!

Earlier I posted a comment that reading a book is done for two reasons, because it is enjoyable and because it allows one to boast about it. One of my followers commented that she reads for the love of language and the ability of a book to take her to places she'll not get to herself. She also comments that there is wisdom in fiction. I love that she commented and I agree with her on all points. Below is my response.

LOL--I should have included that the comment was a quote from Bertrand Russell, who apparently liked to boast!

I totally agree with your reasons for reading. I, too, love language and had wanted to minor in English in college. Alas, my school required a minor in chemistry should I want a major in biology, which I did. Of the three electives available to me in those four years one I chose was world literature.

As to travels to lands I'll never see that is also a plus. In addition, I love reading books set in places I have seen in order to " hear " another's perspective on it. I read fiction as well as non-fiction and always have several books going at once.

As to discussing books, I belong to Goodreads and Library Thing, where there are discussion groups and I follow a couple of literary blogs as well. There are several friends who are avid readers with whom I share books and it is fun to discuss those we've read in common.

I don't know if any of that can be construed as boasting but I know that all of it is enjoyable!

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