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Saturday, January 7, 2012

A New Year Brings a New Project

Though I have not kept up with my writing as I promise myself I would I did finish my Picture of the Day Project for 2011. The last of the pictures have been ordered and I'm sort of in the process of straightening up my scrapbooking room enough to actually get them in an album.  On January 1st I embarked on the same project for 2012. This time I signed up for a class at Studio Calico and am using Shuttercal.com as well as Facebook to save the pictures and journal at the same time. I'm loving the class--it is amazing how similar the objects we photograph out of our lives, no matter our age, occupation or location. The feedback is fun and the comments are so encouraging and inspirational. Of course, this means I spend even more time on the computer,which really isn't a good thing. As one can see--I have not yet read a book and a week of the new year is almost gone.

Well, I'm going to try to post my pictures here,too and hope there might be some comments from my followers. I am planning on getting back to my writing, too and my reading and my traveling and my cooking and and and.....

New Year's dinner

Bill and Misty reading directions for metal detector
Somebody's New Year's resolution
The end of the New Year's ham
Looking over pix from 2011 POD
Kings' Day, Twelfth Night, Little Christmas, The Epiphany

One of my goals is to take more " me " pix this year. The photographer is always missing and with the use of a timer that shouldn't happen. But it is hard to think of oneself as a worthy subject to save for remembrance. I'm going to be more aware of that .

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