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Friday, January 13, 2012

Week Two of 2012

Ah, what a week it has been!  Loving the wildlife around our house, still enjoying the Christmas tree, experiencing the first real snow storm of the new year--though it is really quite a horror.

Yesterday, the day started with freezing rain causing most schools in the State to call a snow day. It progressed to rather heavy snow right through until late evening. Daughter stayed home from her job since the roads were so terrible.We had a wonderful day--playing Parcheesi, in which she JUST beat me twice, Uncle Wiggly, which I won and Candyland. I then went to my scrapbook workroom to start some absolutely necessary organizing while she watched TV. She also, in an effort to not rush me from my task, made dinner of pork chops and corn. She did a great job--delicious. I cannot believe she will be 26 in a few months. Where has the time gone?

Bill said they were awful going in to work but not bad when he returned home at 9:30. Betsy had gone out on the porch around 8 pm and said it was relatively warm and truly beautiful with a clear sky and starlight. I was watching TV by then so opted not to join her.

Today's is a bit scary. In the early morning we had torrential rain on top of yesterday's 4 or so inches of snow. Then it turned to sleet. By the time Bets had to take Bill to work it was snowing.  By noon, before she got back, the snow was heavily descending in huge flakes. She said the roads weren't that great coming home. Eventually, everything stopped and the wind rose to roaring. Then sleet and rain. Now, the wind is blowing and again the precipitation is doing a cycle--rain, sleet, small snowflakes heavily blowing. I wish she didn't have to go out again, first to work and then to pick up Bill. The only hope is that the road crews are keeping ahead of it and drivers are smart enough to know that four wheel drive or studded tires does not mean they can fly at 90 miles an hour safely. But, I promised not to be negative this year or dwell on stuff and worry so, on with the project report.

I  started playing with making a collage of my approach to Picture of the Day yesterday, which was to take 12 pictures on the 12th. I'm still not totally satisfied with the result, though I do like the shots.

Today for the 13th I decided to focus on finding a shot of something lucky or unlucky, hoping for the former.  I think I was pretty successful. And I also kept to my goal of more me pix this week.

This guy just keeps me so amused all the time!
Love the way this tree was sheared. The cone to the left off center almost looks like a real candle.
Someone needs to tell this flock of robins that it is January and this is Vermont!
Before the snow the lower field looked like early November--love the truck tracks from wood retrieval and the deer tracks to the apple trees.
Sailors take warning!
One attempt at the collage of 12 on the 12th
A really LUCKY shot. Junco through the snowstorm!

 All in all, it has been a pretty good week in every way. I'm happy!

The original shot of the Junco--I wondered what the smudge was.
Another attempt at collaging. I like the other one better but don't know if I want to shell out $40 for the software.

These are the single twelve on the 12th

Looking through the lace curtain of the bathroom window with the glow of the Christmas candle.
The first real snow of the new year. Actually the first real snow of the winter. Even though winter starts officially on Dec 21 or thereabouts, here in Vermont we think winter has begun once all the leaves have left the trees.
Playing with "pieces of me " in the bathroom mirror.
Betsy feeling pretty fine by beating me.
C'est la vie, I always say!
Checking out the backyard before tackling the housework.
What a mess!
Somewhat better--at least there is a surface on which to work.
Stamp sets labeled so I can read them.
The chef! Tres bon!  Bonne?

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