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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What Is with These Time Zones, etc???

Tuesday, August 20,2013 5:40 PM at Home but 4:40 in Kentucky!! Sleep Inn Room 309 Bowling Green, Kentucky The day began a bit later than usual-- it was almost 10 am by the time we got on the road, but then again, what's the hurray. We had stayed on the outskirts of Cincinnati last night so almost immediately we saw the city's skyline. The buildings gradually grew higher and increased in number until we reached one on which a rubber duckie sat with his ball cap and sunglasses surveying the sights. Then came the Great American Insurance Company building. Okay, add it to my list of favorite buildings: my all time fav, NY's Chrysler Bldg, the Transamerica building in San Francisco, the funny Phillie building that reminds me of a gun sight, the mirrored bullet of London, Paris' Railroad Station, now an art gallery etc, etc, etc. I guess growing up in Manhattan gave me a love of beautiful architecture. I love buildings. But I digress, as usual! I'm not sure why there is a mini-tunnel in the middle of town--have no idea what goes above it but it isn't water. Once one returns to the sunlight, however, there is the Reds' Baseball Park and, before you finish absorbing its size and the huge lights around it, you come to the Bengals' Stadium---a modern Coliseum! The cloud formations today were interesting as well. And those of you who've traveled with us before know that photographing them is another obsession. All day, as they became more congested I was sure we were going to drive into horrible weather but we only had one heavy shower heading toward Louisville. The MapQuest directions took us right through Louisville but I took us on a loop that swung east and south of the city and connected with I 65 farther south than the directions did. I hadn't really paid a great deal in attention to where the roads would be taking us in Kentucky. I'd hoped we'd take some back roads but in actuality we'd explored this area many times before--Bourbon land, Lincoln land--so decided to stay with the Interstate. But then I noticed there was a Civil War site around Munfordville so we did get off the highway there. The site is small but interesting and actually quite beautiful. Lots of trees of various types, two beautiful butterflies but only one that would pose for pictures. There was a hibiscus to die for, a ancient and noble beech heavily laden with beechnuts ( one of my Northfield friends tells me this is a very good beech nut year! ), another black walnut with huge tennis ball sized nuts, and my favorite honey locust with its beautiful ferny leaves. We had the site all to ourselves and it was so peaceful. The bridge, well, its replacement, still sits across the field from the replaced farmhouse. As we sat on a bench and looked across the farm fields toward it, Bill said " The Union has it now." With that a train came down the tracks and across the bridge. Just as it did 150 years ago and giving an insight into the important place it held during the War. One could almost imagine its destruction, the rebuilding by the Union and the attempt by the CSA to destroy the tracks. The iron horse certainly had a good path into the heart of the Confederacy on them. We continued a way on back roads before rejoining the Interstate for the last few miles into Bowling Green. We were here three or four years ago and went to the Corvette assembly plant. After the tour we went to the Smokey Pig for ribs for lunch. I didn't have the name with us but we knew the place was not far from the factory so we started to search and came close but didn't realize we were as near as we were. So we stopped in a beverage mart where a rather large Southern boy knew immediately which BBQ place we meant. He told Bill the directions to Louver Road. I didn't think that is what the fellow could have said but I kept quiet until I read the street sign and laughed out loud. I said to Bill--I think he meant LOUISVILLE Road. Uh, huh--we're in the South now! But sure enough--there it sat. This time I had pork chops, lightly sprinkled, mayo slaw, baked beans and sweet tea. If you don't like it hot, don't get it dipped! Bill had pork shoulder lightly sprinkled, same two sides and a beer. We chatted with the old guy who was there three years ago, another local who said he thinks he met us when last we were there--it was he who explained the meaning of plain, lightly sprinkled, dipped among other options that control the heat and spice of the meat. The couple at the next table were from Westmoreland, NH. On their way to Nashville, also, to see their daughter's best friend who is trying to break into the country music scene. They are staying at the Union Station which is an old railroad station made into a hotel. After getting a refill of sweet tea to take with me we were off to our motel, six miles down the road. Imagine my surprise to find that, though we thought we had traveled until 4 pm, it was actually 3 pm. Had no idea we are in Central Time. Thought we hit that farther West. Will have to clue Betsy into that. Ah, well, now I'll be able to do my Sunday's crossword puzzle but will have to adjust my TV watching schedule. Going to check out the Underground Boat Tour in Lost River Cave. Bill probably won't want to go tomorrow but perhaps we will come back up from Nashville in October when he joins me there. It is only about an hour away. Besides, it means more Smokey Pig! So, until I get a chance to write again, I wish you all lovely days and happy nights. Hugs, Kathy and Bill

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