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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Yet Another Mess in Afghanistan for John Wells to Clean Up

The Shadow Patrol (John Wells, #6)The Shadow Patrol by Alex Berenson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another Good reads First reads giveaway--my second by Alex Berenson. Read them back to back but won't do that again--the war in Afghanistan, its futility and its damage to all the people involved, especially the young Americans is just too overwhelming in such large doses. I guess, that, having said that, the comment speaks to the realism of the stories. I liked Midnight House better than this one because I immediately had suspicions of one of the characters almost upon meeting with him. By page 259 with one sentence I knew who Stan was. That left 205 pages to go before the end and Wells tying up all the lose ends. Having figured it out, I almost didn't bother finishing the book, but I did, since I wanted to know, what if anything, would happen to the " bad" guys. That ended the way I expected, too, although the methods were disparate.

If you like Delta Forces, CIA etc and the war on Islam or maybe Islam's War on others, depending on your viewpoint, you'll like John Wells' escapades as a world weary CIA operative who has converted to Islam and is able to pass as a native while investigating crimes among the military. No one does it better than Berenson though others do it as well.

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