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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Acoma and Visit in Belen

Just a little background on Acoma. These Indians, the Acoma, are what is known as Pueblo Indians, along with the Zuni and Hopi among others. They built stone dwellings and large communities with kivas, round many times underground chambers for ceremonies and rituals. The Navajo use sweat lodges and live in hogans, usually made of limbs and saplings covered by some form of vegetation. The Pueblo’s united for a brief time, despite being of many tribes and managed to repulse the Spanish and their blood thirsty quest for gold and human souls. They lived in freedom for few years before the reinforced Spaniards again attacked. The unity among the tribes had collapsed and the Spanish were successful in resubjecting the tribes to the will of Spain. The Pueblo Revolt is a very dense but interesting book telling the story of the brief success of these people to get out from under the brutality of these good Catholic people. Today most of the Acoma practice both Catholicism as well as their own religion but about 5% of them just practice the old religion of the people. Having gone up on the Plateau with Bill, I did not pay to go up to the community again. The crowds were unbelievable—over from the Balloonfest. I read in the lounge and waited while Barb went up on the tour. So many vehicles up there—people staying over from the fiesta and others cleaning up from it. There are more people staying up there year round than a few years ago. The young lady who gave the tour owns one of the houses, since she is the youngest daughter and it is to them that the homes are passed down. She is responsible for her parents until their deaths. They live in the house though she does not. Her brother lives with them and he is allowed to stay until he marries at which time, she may throw him out. From Acoma we headed to Belen—south of Albequerque. We know a shortcut which avoid the city—thank goodness—traffic has been horrendous. Had a long visit with Bud and Gloria. Had a wonderful chili dinner with homemade rolls and wine. Afterwards, Gloria gave us the option of watching TV or have a fire pit in the courtyard. We opted for the latter and she tried to rustle up some neighbors to join us. At 7:30, it was amazing how many had already changed into PJ’s and were settled in for the evening. A lady named Barbara redressed and joined us as did Jan, who lives down the street. Next door Kim came by to tell us that his wife was under the weather so they wouldn’t be over. We sat around the fire admiring the almost full moon, enjoying the fire and laughing a great deal over things that escape me now. One story by Jan of a sighting of a strange object that she saw several years ago but had not revealed until last night for fear of being thought crazy, led us to decide that indeed she is. There was much hilarity several times over the situation. Just fun, fun, fun. Had brownies that Gloria had made topped with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and a cherry. Just a great time. The ladies left around 930. Gloria, Bud, Barb and I remained outside until about 1030. We all retired by 11. This morning we watched some the Balloonfest on TV and had a great breakfast. Gloria had to take a neighbor to the hospital for a colonoscopy and left around 1030. Barb and I remained visiting with Bud until about 12. Got gas at the cheapest station in Belen and headed down to Socorro. Got the last room here—king smoking room Cindy was so upset that she didn’t have a suite or any other room to offer us. She immediately went to the kitchen and told them to bake us some chocolate chip cookies, which she delivered to our room She called to see if we wanted milk or coffee to wash them down. She was so devastated that she had to give us a smoking room. What a sweetie. It is getting to be late afternoon so we are headed down to the Bosque to see it at dusk. Will post pix tomorrow. I’ve made a reservation in Carlsbad. again, getting the last room and another smoking, king room What is going on???? For now, we are off—all caught up but getting ready to add the next installment. Til tomorrow—goodnight from the Tired, but Thrilled Sisters, Kathy and Barb

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