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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Catch Up Blog—El Morro and Malpais


On Sunday, we chatted with a young couple from Munich in Bavaria. They are camping on their travels. They flew into Vegas, rented a car and were having problems trying to prioritize where they were going—so much to see and only three weeks. He’d been here before and so wanted her to see the Guadaloupe Mtns and she wanted to go to Austin to visit relatives –so they were sort of playing it by ear. Sounds familiar.

We backtracked 43 miles to El Morro and Inscription Rock. The Ranger immediately called out to us as we entered the door. She said she’d checked out Acoma and it indeed was closed today but would be open again on Monday—the next day. We said we figured that. She set up the video for us immediately and other tourists were giving us a look—we felt like celebrities she was so attentive. It was a bit embarrassing , though very heartwarming to have her be so friendly and attentive. We walked the half mile trail enjoying the flora and fauna as well as the many inscriptions on the rock dating back to the 17th century Spanish conquistadores and priests, through the 18th century pioneers, soldiers and army explorers, to the late 19th century Union Pacific railroad surveyors.

We then drove through the cinder and lava fields of a very early volcanic eruption of Mt Taylor—one of the Navajo Sacred Mountains. Returned to our motel and did the laundry—we’d procrastinated as long as possible. We got comfy on the couches in the lounge and had coffee while watching TV. Met another lady doing her laundry. She and her husband live north of Boston and have been travelling in our wake, since they left a week after us. They are returning home by the 23rd so now are leading us—they are going by way of the coast—Georgia and the Carolinas but we will be more inland.  Watched Masterpiece and turned off the lights by midnight.

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