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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Lazy Hot Day in Vermont

Terrific day--went with Bill to Corinth for his dr's apt--he's so healthy they had nothing on the " to work on " check list to check. I'm not going any time soon!!! Then we took a drive to Groton to look at a house where a friend used to live. We'd sold her blue spruce years ago and we wondered if she ever harvested them and sold them--nope, they are all tall and very dead. Went out 302 to the Interstate and took the back way home from Bradford. Stopped at Baker's to get sandwiches from one of our former students. Glen Ferriot is running the deli--Bill had an Italian bulky which looked delicious and I had a traditional steamed pastrami on rye with only spicy mustard, which WAS fabulous. Caught up with Glen and got the lowdown on the family--great people: Dan and Betty and Glen's sister Jesse. Also checked in with Melanie Durkee, another former student and chatted up Jeff Hodge, Jeff Fifield and Jon Covey--talk about old home week. After eating outdoors we headed up Barker Rd to see what all the fuss is about Ruth Dwyer's wall--much ado about nothing--with all the evergreens growing up around it, it is barely visible. That eyesore across the road from Baker's is more of a problem. Hasn't anyone ever heard of " spite barns" in this area--a good old fashioned New England tradition.Then it was down to the Town Clerk's to see if something can be done about the fact that our 911 address is apparently top secret--can't be verified nor does it show up on GPS--maybe that's a good thing. Needless to say, it doesn't come under her perview and the woman who takes care of it is in on Tues and Thurs from 9-1---most convenient for retired folks and pre-schoolers, I guess. All in all, the weather was great, the chatting was fun, the food delicious and I got a great shot of a porcupine ambling slowly down the dirt road in front of us, up Groton way. Now the thunder has begun to cool off the almost 90 degree day

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