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Monday, May 25, 2015

The Woman Who Would Be King Kara Cooney "I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. "
Though I have tried and tried to read this book and am more than halfway through it, I find it is just too difficult to get a rhythm and flow and interest. I had seen a TV program that dealt with Hatshepsut's remarkable story and was anxious to get into it more deeply. But this book is repetitive and just as one starts to think the story will move on, the author says something about this not being easily proven and that there is a possible alternative path that the woman's experiences took her down--that indeed the situations just described may not have occurred that way at all, but here is an alternative possibility. I appreciate that trying to find hard evidence for a life lived so many years ago and one that future generations tried to obliterate is difficult. That being the case, perhaps the story should have been presented as an biographical, historical novel, rather than as an academic presentation. It is difficult for me to stop reading a book before its ending but this is not Eric Larsen or David McCullough writing and it is too dry, too erratic and too repetitive for me to finish. Perhaps others of a more scholarly bend or those used to reading historical treatises will enjoy this book more than I. It is my sincere hope that is true, since the subject matter, if presented in a more cohesive way could have been engaging to a broader audience.

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