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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Hope Diamond Trilogy Part 2--Ho-Hum

The Millionaire Rogue (The Hope Diamond Trilogy, #2)The Millionaire Rogue by Jessica Peterson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is the second installment of The Hope Diamond Trilogy by Jessica Peterson. Having enjoyed the first in which William, a bored Duke, meets Lady Violet, an almost spinster at 22 and equally bored, I was looking forward to a continuation of the story. In actuality, this turns out to be a rehash of the original. Lady Violet is dancing with William and is wearing the Hope Diamond.
Acrobats come storming into the ballroom, create havoc and when everything settles down the Diamond and William are both gone.

When I reached this part of the story I thought I had already read this book but NO--it is the exact plot of The Gentleman Jewel Thief, part one of the Trilogy, but retold from the perspective of Violet's young cousin, Sylvia and Thomas Hope, the banker who owns the Diamond. Quite a disappointment, since all of the major plot lines are repetitions. The difference is that Sylvia, determined to make an excellent match has caught the eye of the most eligible batchelor of the season and, because she has some pretty heavy romps with Thomas, finds herself turning down the man's proposal and settles for the non-English tradesman, Hope.

There wasn't even the suspense of the mystery of the theft of the Diamond or whether it would be recovered since that had all been revealed in the first book. I have the third book of the Trilogy and will read it--at least as far as it takes to determine whether there is any difference in the story--other than which guy is tearing which bodice this time. While that is fun there needs to be a plot in which it is set that offers SOME mystery to the story.

Left me as bored as William and Violet in the first.

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