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Friday, February 26, 2016

Hurry Up and Wait Day In Alamogordo, NM

Monday Feb 22 dawned cold and bright. We decided that it would be spent getting some medical attention for my sore throat, inflamed ears and congested chest, though no fever. But first, Bill went down to reserve the suite for two more nights. Unfortunately, a party was coming in for 11 days in the suite so we had to move. We got a very large room with two queen beds, which as time showed, was actually better than a king. By 8:30 we were sitting in the waiting room of Urgent Care on Cuba Street with a roomful of others all showing various stages of the same malady. The saddest situation was the number of very small sick children--there is something so awful about a sick child--it looks to its parent to make them better and the parent can't. Although I didn't get to see Dr McPherson until 1230 the time actually went pretty fast--so many people to watch including an ACTOR from California who held forth on the film being shot on location in the White Sands, I think. He spoke on all sorts of topics--his symptoms and those of others in the room--I'm not a doctor but I played one! He had theories and facts about the weather--I'm not a meteorologist, but I played one! You can't make these things up. Then someone asked what the movie was about--well, I've signed a non-disclosure agreement, BUT it is about a family fleeing across the desert from Saddam Hussein. Hmmm--they better do some good computer enhancement to make the White Sands look like the desert in Iraq. I was dying to ask who the star was but didn't really feel like engaginh him or embarrassing him by asking what I may have seen him in. He then told anyone who would listen how a movie is shot--so he has a beard now because they are shooting the end scenes--he is clean shaven at the beginning. Hmmmm. When the nurse called me in, he offered me $10 to give him my place. I floored the place by telling him that I'm worth more than that. So, the doctor says okay a Z pack--best antibiotic out there and that's it. But for sore throat take Buckwheat honey in my tea or by the spoonful. Best thing for it. Only available at Lowe's pharmacy, where we were going anyway. I think he was happy to have an adult to talk with since he asked about our travels, what we did for work etc. His nurse also was very chatty --sharing that she is from a small Montana town between Bozeman and Helena. Also informed me that there is quite a New England contingent in Alamogordo--especially from Rhode Island. When I came out Bill told me the actor got a call from the crew saying they were going out on location--so he thought he was losing his role. Then Bill heard him answer the phone as Lance Nixon or Lance Dickson--well, I couldn't find an actor by either name so who knows. He did have a California plate--so I'm sure he was doing something on a film in the area. Headed down the road to Lowe's--a supermarket we found last year and loved. Well, it is a flagship of the corporation now---a bar, a restaurant, a pizzeria, etc, etc, etc. One stop for sure. Turned in our prescriptions--told they'd be ready in an hour. So we shopped and then still had to sit and wait for them. Bill got Prednizone and Doxycycline-- Both of which the doctor started him on on Saturday after a nebulizer treatment and a shot of some esoteric antibiotic. Quite a series for the same thing that I have--since I got it from him. By this time I was dead, so back to the motel for me. Two tablets,hot tea with honey and into bed. Bill went out to Chili's to eat and I just picked among cheese, liverwurst and fruit. With great optimism, the day ended.

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