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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Traveling Backwards in Time--New Mexico on Rt 66

We've been here several times before but I like the rows of old Motel signs--so large and flamboyant at a time when hundreds of people needed a place to rest their heads going West, mostly, but also East. More and more the buildings themselves are being torn down or burn and there are probably many missing signs, too. The billboards for both Tucumcari and Santa Rosa imply that there is lots to do in them. Sadly, not so much. Even the newer places are shuttered and boarded up. While in Tucumcari we stopped at a Lowe's grocery to pick up some cold medications. Bill is sick, sick, sick and as the day progresses, he is getting more clogged up--his chest. Also got some fruit juices and while we were at it perused the Spanish foodstuffs. I also found BabyBel goudas!!! We only have the red and green wrapped ones at home and the light blue one. I saw white cheddar today, as well, but Cabot is the only way to go there. The drive between the towns, about 60 or so miles, is flat and unremarkable except for the snow covered mesa off to the North toward Colorado, though it cannot be as far away as Ruton Pass. Santa Rosa is the more healthy of the two--there was a fellow from Utah at the Blue Hole getting ready to dive. Also a car from Oklahoma with a young Choctaw couple and an RV from Colorado with a couple and their beautiful German short haired pointer. There are also several thriving restaurants serving mostly Mexican food --we ate in Joseph's but have eaten in others in the past. The food is good, not Food Channel laudable, but plentiful, filling and satisfying. I had a couple of beef tacos with a nice red chili that was just hot enough. Bill had a huge bowl of very meaty green chili and a house salad. By the time we finished looking at the Blue Hole and old downtown SR and eating at Joseph's, Bill was pretty zonked and we checked into our hotel. He has been hacking away and I'm hoping not to get it. I bought some Airborne and took one tablet. I'll take another at bedtime but really wish I could have found Zicam. I know there isn't much to be done once the cold is caught but if I can avoid it, I'll do my best. Not terribly optimistic though. Bill seems to think he can drive to Alamogordo tomorrow but if he is as stuffed I'm not sure I feel comfortable about that. He's taken Dayquil and is going to take Niquil tonight. I find that makes me very spacy and light-headed. Makes sense to stay here but he says there is more to do in Alamogordo--he is right and there is a Johnny Carino restaurant--but if he is sick he isn't going to want to go there for dinner or much of anything else. We shall see what we shall see. From the Pond sickroom, The Valley Vagabonds, KandB bid you good night.

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