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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Amarillo by evening

West from Weatherford, Oklahoma. Got up late this am and so stopped at Jerry's for breakfast. Regular diner with several clocks on the wall a la the time all over the world--only they were for Oklahoma towns--Oklahoma City which said 830, Weatherford, Hydro, Clinton all said 1130. I asked why the difference. Waitress said people in Oklahoma City are always behind and the Cook said that's how the rednecks in OC tell time! Old guy came in with another old bird--guy next to me said who's that with you--Old guy said " I don't know his name!" Sure looked like brothers to me! Although the desk clerk seemed to think we were odd balls for wanting to travel back roads, we tried to take Rte 66 but OK isn't very good about marking it or even keeping it open--many parts are blocked off and left to decay. Also the old road really is just a frontage road or access road, wherever you come from you use one term or the other, to I40. So finally we bit the bullet and went on the Interstate. There are really no E-W roads out here --they zig-zig into and out of 40 so it was the best and least stressful to just go with the flow of trucks once more. Bill pointed out that trees were getting scarcer and scarcer the farther West in Oklahoma. Indeed, that was the case and certainly once we entered the most Western reaches and the East side of the Texas panhandle that became even more the case. The rows of trees reminded me of the fields in France where there is suddenly a double row of trees lining the long driveway to some far off maison. Here, though the trees marched in two sinuous lines like a pair of snakes

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