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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stream of Semi Conciousness

My cell phone knows we have been in Central Time since we entered Indiana but the computer does not! Did I happen to mention the potholes in the Pa highway as we approached W. Va or those around Columbus, Ohio that would rival that found in the Daytona Speedway? I expected Indianapolis to be shroaded in black since the Colts lost the Super Bowl ! There was nary a plane landing, taking off or stacked up in Pittsburgh, Columbus,Dayton, Indianapolis or St Louis. Seemed really strange as the skies are usually filled in those areas. Did you know that if you do it right you don't even see Pittsburgh, Dayton or St Louis from the Interstate? Also, having belabored the issue of truck traffic I failed to mention the shower of ice that descended on us from a Weller truck entering the highway as we crossed into Indiana. Shortly before a strange knocking had begun in the area under the hood on my side. When we saw the ice we decided that's what we must have heard---the icy debris off other trucks. Soon, however, there were no trucks in our vicinity--a rarity--and yet the knocking continued. Stopping at the next rest area---fortunately only a mile onward--Bill debarked into the slush, and icy cold 2 inches deep water in his sneakers to inspect the situation. Nothing, until I suggested he check the wiper and well and sure enough--the ice had finally broken off the wipers and was trapped in the well and at 65-70 miles an hour just kept sliding back and forth--knocking against the end of the trough before sliding in the opposite direction. Happily, an easy fix. Bill's neck is red today--as he hoped. He sat with his back to the sun coming through our room window yesterday afternoon, drinking his Miller High Life as I caught up with our saga. Said he needed a redneck to go into Oklahoma! Hah. Does anyone besides me remember Bing Crosby singing Sam's Song with his son, Gary? Who else can sing Gary's part??? Ah, well, I don't remember all the words anymore either! And lastly, as daylight comes, I am happy to report there is no new snow on the ground though it feels chilly in the room. Today Bill cannot declare as we board G-5 the intergalactic Pontiac " It sure looks white out today!".

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