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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Apparently, not Tuesday, either!

Hi guys, This is going to be fairly short tonight--tired,tired, tired and hungry! Haven't edited today's pix at all so there will be some really poor shots etc but the slideshow goes pretty quickly I think. Also, if your aren't into really ornate architecture today may not totally please you, although the latter part of the day was spent in the Chilsolm Trail Museum. We were planning on going to the Capital Printing Museum today but it is only open Th-Sat! Thought then we'd go to the American Banjo Museum but Oklahoma City stole it as well as the Capital from Guthrie.Wonder if it, too, disappeared in the middle of the night??? So, remembering how much I loved the town last year on a one block walk and lunch at Katie's I convinced Bill, wasn't hard he loves walking, to walk around town and see all the beautiful buildings--many from the 1800's, several just before Statehood and a few right around that time. The Blue something or other Saloon had a young fellow named Tom Mix tending bar before he moved West to Hollywood and worldwide fame. He was born up north near the Kansas border. Went into a drugstore for some Ibuprophen and the tables inside the door filled with middle aged men--the Coffee Club--the young girl behind the fountain told me. She was reading a Larry McMurtry book one of the fellows had brought her--he always brings her books. She looked to be a college girl and they were father and grandfather types. One guy was mentioning that New Orleans book--Dunce of Fools or some such--I asked him if he liked it--said he read it three times and loves it. I told him I just could NOT get into it. He says its the way NO is--hmmmmm--maybe I'll have to try it again. After walking for blocks we headed due West and stopped in Kingfisher--birthplace of Sam Walton--and stopped at the Chilsom Trail museum. I love the way they say, all but four of Mrs. Dalton's children were lawabiding, without actually mentioning the Dalton gang--took me a minute to figure it out. Took the shot of the outdoor prison cells because this is what the corrigible block looked like in Yuma but they didn't have the full thing there two years ago. B ought myself an unusual stone ring in the gift shop and off we went to Weatherford which is where we are spending the night. Bill went out to a sports pub for dinner and brought me back a delicious salad which I just finished and ribs, which are getting cold. I stayed in--sometimes I just need that bit of down time for myself to read and to write in my own journal and just be alone. I'm sure he likes the break, too. Off to sticky fingers, y'all! Til tomorrow. KandB

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