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Monday, February 18, 2013

The Long and Winding Road Once More

Feb 18--Rm 406 Comfort Inn Binghampton, NY Hi Roadies, So glad you've decided to join us once more on our annual trek. Though the day's journey was exactly like the past five or is it six there were some differences. For one the day was magnificently sunny though cold--never getting above 34 or so. In most places, once we summited Killington, now known as the BIG K --God help us, there was little snow on the ground. There were some narrow creases amongst hills south and west of Saratoga where the sun don't shine, as it were, and snow lay thick among the trees. The sky was that clear cloudless cobalt blue that invites every jet pilot for miles around to get up there and make all kinds of chalk marks with their contrails. Three and four of them at a time flying alongside each other, at each other, at acute angles to each other and having the time of their lives--it must be beautiful up there on a day like today. I used to surmise they were out of Plattsburg or maybe Rome but now who knows--maybe Burlington. What other bases are around any more? Of course, at their speed they may be from much farther away than any of those places. At any rate, we in our little G-5 hit the ground running after the coolers were packed and the trunk loaded at 9:30 am. Arrived in Saratoga for the traditional cholesterol raising brunch at my sister's--bacon, eggs for Bill, chorizo, buttered Thomas', home fries, OJ and coffee. We caught up on all the important news: Matthew's demise in Downton, Pretorius' supposed accidental shooting of his girlfriend, first in the bedroom and than in the bathroom, and the suicide of the unknown country singer whose only claim to fame I can remember her alleged affair with Roger Clemens that started when she was a 15 yr old waitress. Good Lord, I've got to get a life. But we did talk other things, too, including trip, and family. By 2:15 we were back on the road--out through Ballston Spa, Amsterdam, Florida, Scotch Bush etc to I 88 and through the Lower Tier to the Susquehanna and finally Binghampton by 5. I never go out to eat when we arrive here--Barb's brunch is enough food for one day. I usually stay in while Bill goes out to Casey's for a couple of beers and some chili and a few scratch off tickets. If I get hungry I eat a piece of fruit and drink some water. It is a good TV night tonight so I'll get cozy and watch Bones, The Following--which I'm not sure I'm going to keep following though I like Kevin Bacon--and Castle. Then the news, to bed and up early tomorrow for the long, horrible haul through Pennsylvania. Hang in there if you are new to the trip--it does get better. As for my usual travel buddies --you know there is no way around this part--LOL Nightie night--see you tomorrow! KandB

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