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Monday, February 25, 2013

Thence Came The Deluge

Monday February 25, 2013 Quality Inn Room 321 Crestview, Florida

Throughout the Oscar broadcast last night the winds blew, the rains, fell and lightening lit the skies accompanied by the sounds of the rousing game of bowling those dwarfs were enjoying above me. Went to bed after listening to the weather forecast, wondering whether I should get up and retrieve my flashlight, loving darkness as I do and fearing the loss of power. Don't know if we did lose power since I was out like a light the minute my head hit the pillow at 11:30.  Was awakened by the longest and loudest thunder I've heard in a very long time. Bill was already up, it being 7:30 and I thought he was downstairs having breakfast. As I lay there I heard some one's television and the broadcast was speaking of today's severe weather. Turned on my TV to see if I could hear it more clearly, a bit annoyed that I could hear the TV from another guest's room at this hour.  In a few minutes, my bedroom door was slowly and quietly closed and I realized that Bill was in the living room listening to the Weather Channel!  LOL

Got up to join him and as I looked out the window I could see the palm trees blowing, fog in the distance and the surface of the pool as well as the puddles in the parking lot and the flooded field next to us were all dimpled with the impact of heavy falling rain. The prediction of continued rain and flooding with possible tornadoes West of us impelled me to urge our staying put right here. We really don't want to do it--but Mobile Bay is out and the back roads to Hattiesburg are desolate and run through big pines. Hydroplaning or getting hit by falling trees or worse did not appeal to us. So, though the laundry really isn't that heavy and it is a little early to pay bills we decided that we would request our $66 suite for another night. We both have books with us and our own TV's. I can set up future payments for the bills and might as well get what dirty clothes we have cleaned up. The storm supposedly is moving eastward and we should have clear sailing tomorrow. At least for the time being--another storm seems to be developing in the west.  This has been the worst weather trip we've ever had in the five or six years we've been doing this.  The snow storms are incredible and farther south than usual when we travel limiting our path but this rain and possible tornado weather is limiting, too. Hope we GET to Arizona before the money runs out--LOL  Wonder if we'll be able to do the four corners after all. Oh, well, there is always Yuma! 

Will keep you posted and if anything exciting happens today will update this missive. Mundane pictures will arrive tonight--LOL  In the meantime, Seth McFarland wasn't as awful as I expected and I'm glad Argo won even if they didn't see fit to nominate Ben Affleck for director.  Funny, they all spout the importance of the director but the director of the best movie both here and at the BAFTAs is not nominated here though he won the honor in Britain.  Ah, well, he said he doesn't hold grudges--nice boy, that Ben!  Later, KandB

4:09 PM  Still in Rm 321 in Crestview Fl

Lazy day--read two issues of USAToday--so caught up on all the exciting news of the day--except I still don't know who the football player is that is going to dance on DWTS this season!! LOL

Dozed off in an easy chair around 11 ish. Bill finished his book. I made lunch of saltines, American cheese, Plumrose ham, water and one of the best tasting apples I've had in a long time. Balanced the check book and set up bill payments. Updated our account book. The sun came out strong and beautiful for about an hour. At first we second guessed ourselves but since the wind was still quite heavy we decided we chose correctly to stay. By 2 it had clouded over again but the wind has died down and the parking lot is dry. The weather forecast looks good for the next few days. We've decided not to do Mobile Bay but rather to cut somewhat north through a portion of Alabama and Mississippi with which we are unfamiliar. We should be in eastern Louisiana tomorrow night if all goes well --no flooding or other issues along the way.

Looked up my missives from last year when we were in the same area--it was rainy then also--though more drizzle and fog. It was also much hotter and VERY humid.  So I guess it isn't much different this year. Memory is so strange--

 Was going to have sardines tonight with a beer but decided I want another of those sinful double cheeseburgers ---back to healthy eating on the road--LOL  A few domestic pix and views from the window to follow. Nightie night, roadies  KandB

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