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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

When We Get Going, We Get Going!

Tuesday February 26, 2013 Comfort Inn Room 323 Amite,Louisiana

Despite tornado warnings until 10 pm last night and flash flood warnings until early morning in the area of the Panhandle in which we were staying and the swath of country all the way over to New Orleans, I woke at 4:40 am to breaking up clouds and a full moon and no wind.  When I got up for the day at 7:30 the sun was shining, the clouds had all dissipated and the wind had picked up a bit. Since the forecast also called for very choppy seas we decided to risk flooding rather than rough water and went north and around Mobile instead of South and across Mobile Bay to Biloxi. I love Biloxi but we've been there several times so the new route would be a new route.

On the road by 8:30 with almost cloudless, sunny skies and 59 degrees. The temperature never went below 57 nor above 60 but as usual the sun kept us plenty warm enough. We left the Panhandle via Fl rte 4 an old road with many causeways over normal swampland that was totally inundated with water resulting from the almost three days of rain that has pelted this whole area--all the way to Louisiana, as you can see, was wet and flowing. Going to be awhile before anyone gets into their fields or gardens. Especially if more rain is on the way, although the reports seem to indicate dry weather for at least the next week.  At Century, Fl we turned North and entered Alabama. I wiggled us South, West, North and South again until we joined I 65 for only 15 miles. But what 15 miles--swamp, lake, rivers, bridges, flooding though not over the road, and more bridges. Got off at the Saraland-Citronelle exit and headed north on Al 41 toward Citronelle until we reached Al 63 which headed West and somewhat South. 63 is fun--very country road through little towns that almost don't exist but the whole road is named ( there are more populated places that are harder to find your way around!) : Chunchula-Georgetown Road connects those towns and the stretch between Georgetown and Wilmer is called Wilmer-Georgetown Road. Not terribly original but definitely reassuring to non-locals. Eventually, we reached 98 which we followed across the Escatawpa River into Mississippi. It was interesting that in Florida there was a cop with a guy pulled over right at the Alabama line; here at the east bank of the Escatawpa an Alabama sheriff had a guy pulled over just before the bridge. :(

On we went through more piney woods, some of them State forests, more flooded fields and a few nurseries with rows and rows of potted plants and shrubs. Our first stop in Mississippi was the parking lot of the Lucedale Donut shop. I wanted to get out my healthy lunch of saltines, cheddar chunk,olives and apple with a bottle of water. Also wanted to check whether there were Comfort Inns along route 26--a perfectly straight shot across Ms--or whether we'd have to go into La and if so how far and in which direction. Having decided we would stay in Amite City where we stayed last year from a whole different direction, Bill said he was getting a donut. I waited in the car--thank God--I would have bought a dozen of these yummy, sinful treats. Freshly baked, the lady fills them only when they are ordered. Bill got himself a cherry ( I love cherry ) and me a Bavarian chocolate ( I triple love chocolate!! ) Ohhhhhhh-forget that tasteless apple--LOL Healthy, smealthy.

We continued into town and picked up 26, crossed the Pearl River within two hours and voila!  Louisiana.  I just love Louisiana--it is probably my favorite Southern state---there is nothing I don't like EXCEPT the heat and humidity starting in April. Picked up La 10 to Bogalusa and on into La until we ran into a guy putting along at about 35 miles an hour on a motorcycle with a sidecar.

I chose an even more country road 1054 to cut over to 16 and let him meander his way leisurely into Amite while we got there and into our motel. The girl on the desk didn't have an upgrade for us so she said, but her boss heard us and that we'd been there before and he came out--gave us a welcome bag with snacks and water and upgraded us to a three room, two bed suite for the $80 charge. Nice young man. Also recommended La Carreta Mexican restaurant where we had three Dos Equis Beer each, Bill had the Mexican Dinner and I had La Bamba( a beef taco, a beef enchilada and a beef tamale) all for $34 including tip. It was delicious. Now we are back in the room and I'm missing NCIS since this is CST Sooooo, I'm going to run. Talk to you, tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow!

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