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Monday, February 3, 2014

A Little Snow, A Little Sun and Plenty Cold

Monday February 3, 2014 6:13 pm EST Comfort Inn Cincinnati, Ohio Room 137

Watched the Super Bowl last night until I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I knew from the first play, a safety, when the ball was hiked to Peyton too soon, that it was not going to be a pretty game. And it wasn’t. Never mind  that my team lost—a game that ends 40+ to 8 is just simply boring. Even the ads were less than stellar, though I did like the bull in the Chevy truck going to see the ladies and the little girl with the Cheerios who drove a hard bargain with her Dad over the addition of a baby brother. Missed any that came on after 9 pm. Moved over to PBS and watched Downton, which was pretty good and Sherlock, which was awful.  The locally made pizza was tasteless but Pizza Hut didn’t deliver and I don’t like Dominoes. Nevertheless, Bill and I were happy to be on our way and his Seahawks won so all is well in the world.

Up this morning at 8 ish—stomach still a little iffy and Bill’s getting a bit that way,too. Thought it was the Chobani yogurt but am thinking maybe it is a stomach bug after all. On the road by 9 in spitting snow. Not unexpected in this part of NYS—Lake affect has sometimes spread as far as Amsterdam. Around the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge we saw several flocks of Geese against a really pretty sky. By Buffalo, however, things were a bit more wintery. I love the sign calling it an all American city or something—growing up in NYS we always considered Buffalo to be one of its major armpits!  Also we never paid too much attention to that part of NYS that runs along the lakes toward Pa!  That is a 65 mile stretch, most of which is part of the Seneca Nation. Most of the land is planted with grape vines on both sides of the road for as far as the eye can see. It is actually quite pretty. I imagine most of the grapes are Catawba, which grow really well in NY. Growing up we drank a lot of New York wine rather than California but I don’t drink it much anymore because it tends to be sweet and I’ve gotten used to wines from other parts of the country which are much drier.

By the time we reached Pa the snow had stopped and we traveled through a winter wonderland of trees covered with the freshly fallen soft cottony snow. I must admit that though we are anxious to get to the warmth of the South and Southwest, I don’t think I could ever really do without a little bit of winter each year. It is just so beautiful and pictures aren’t enough. We snacked at around 10ish on cheese and crackers and apricots from Barb—had to laugh when I saw that they were from Great Lakes International Trading Company!

Soon we reached Ohio and shortly before Cleveland we made a turn to the left and headed south toward Columbus. As we left the lakes behind the clouds began to break up and the sky was a beautiful blue. Somewhere along the way I dropped off but woke up by Lodi, when we stopped for gas. I’d forgotten the Gemini Place and  Polaris Parkway of Dayton, Ohio. I think John Glenn is from Dayton, I know he’s from Ohio. I’d also forgotten how Dayton runs right into Columbus, which isn’t really a very big place.

Once we got past Columbus there was hardly any snow on the ground, the temperature rose above freezing—only 34 but after 21 yesterday and early this morning it feels almost like a heat wave. Bill took off his sweater and rode in a tee shirt—the sun warmed the car that much. Bets called around 3 and said she almost fainted while speaking to a student today—and she threw up—she has a stomach bug. Soooo, mystery of funny stomachs solved I’d say.

By four we were in Cincinnati. Checked in to the motel, went to Applebee’s and chatted with Tammy the barmaid we’ve met at least five times and Chris the doorman/waiter. Back to the motel, brought in luggage and put the perishables into the fridge. So, in for the night. Looks like a storm is on its way tomorrow night but I think we’ll get south of it before it arrives. Not very appealing that temps in New Mexico is going to be in the 40’s except for Las Cruces in the south. Not much warmer than home at this rate. May have to go to Southern California, if there is any drinking water.

Oh, well, tomorrow is probably going to be Smoky Pig if all goes well and that is always a good thing!  As for tonight—on to reading and maybe some TV. Good night until tomorrow. KandB

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  1. I could tell too that it wasn't going to be a good game,right from the missed hike from the center on the first play.

    Hope you're well and look forward to hearing from you at my blog.