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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Haven’t Gotten Far So Far

February 2, 2014 3:10 PM  EST  Room 300 Quality Inn Batavia, New York

Welcome to the Fifth or Sixth or Maybe it's the Seventh Annual Pond Cross Country Adventure. We decided to travel a bit different route South and West this year. As you know, we head out over Killington by way of Woodstock and our first night is usually spent in Binghamton, New York after a sumptuous brunch at my sister Barb's house in Saratoga Springs.   This year we decided to go to Killington by way of Strafford, Sharon, Bethel, Pittsfield etc. We HAVE done that before just to avoid the speed traps of Woodstock and Brookfield. We wanted to see the damage Irene caused on 107 in winter since we've seen the scars at the other seasons. It is interesting to see that Tozier's which was only open in summer is now winterized and open all year long. They've enlarged the dining room, too. We'll have to try those fried clams in winter sometime but it does seem strange.

At any rate, we started on the road yesterday at about 9:15--much to Betsy's delight--she has the house to herself for two whole months. She gave me my tight hug and huge kiss and the B's shared their traditional high five parting. Arrived at Barb's by 11:30 and she didn't fail us--she always makes enough food to feed an invading army and it simply does no good to try to convince her to cut back--we've given up trying. We do manage to put a dent in the feast and it is always all delicious.  We planned to get to Batavia but there was snow coming in from the West and we thought we might just make it as far as Syracuse before we'd have to get off the road.  Syracuse is only about 2 1/2 hours away from Barb's so she suggested that we just spend the night at her place and head out rested with a hot breakfast today.  Why spend a night at a motel and spend $100 plus dinner when we'd only get another short distance West. Made sense to us so we stayed and had a nice unrushed visit with Barb and Damian. Got to chat with Charlie and Sheryl, too and got to watch Graham Norton with Barb after Bill went to bed.

Today we were on the road by 9:15 and headed out on Rte 50 to Ballston Spa to Rte 67 to Amsterdam and onto the New York State Thruway to Batavia by 1:30.  Weather was gray, rainy at times, one little spot East of Syracuse with lightly spitting snow and cold in high 20's, low 30's.  After we unloaded everything we needed to get into the room to prevent freezing, Bill headed to Applebee's to eat. I came down with some kind of stomach upset at Barb's. I'd eaten a Chobani yougurt on the way down there yesterday--it was separated and the container was only half full. When I mixed it, it looked curdy and I ate it. I think it was spoiled and so my body reacted accordingly. It still isn't settled down so I opted to remain in the room and rest and eat something lightly. If I feel better I'm hoping to order Pizza Hut for the big game. Go, Broncos and Peyton--but hurry up and finish so I can watch Downton and Sherlock afterwards!  LOL

So, at the end of two rather uneventful days of travel, we bid you good day until tomorrow which is supposed to be sunnier and a bit warmer.  KandB

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