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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Bosque del Apache in San Antonio, NM

February 23, 2014 Espanola, New Mexico 7:20 PM MST Rodeway Inn Suite 202

Hi all, This is a delayed blog but two days ago we were in Socorro, NM by design. The wildlife refuge known as Bosque del Apache is one of our most favorite places in the US. We discovered it on our first trip and were here in January on that trip. The refuge was filled with whooping cranes that year as well as with waterfowl, Canadian geese and snow geese. It was so incredibly filled with birds and the sounds of birds. We’ve come back every year since and though it has been in February and the crane have always migrated already we’ve loved the 12 mile tour road and have discovered many different creatures through the years. In recent times we’ve gone to Belen first and returned to the refuge with our dear friends, Gloria and Bud, who love it as much as we. We’ve driven down together and discovered peccaries and other new creatures. Then we’ve tried new lunch places to refresh ourselves after a long day reveling in nature.

This year, since we had entered NM at a more southerly location in a long time I asked Bill if we could get to the refuge as early as we had in our first visit. I wanted to see it come alive at the very first light of day again. I messaged Gloria of our plans and wanted her to know that we would have no problem returning with them if they’d put off their late winter visit until we arrived. As it turned out, Gloria was suffering from a pretty aggravating head cold and was not at all upset by our going to the Bosque without them. I must admit, it felt different doing it, just the two of us, but had every intention of coming back if Gloria and Bud wanted to do so.

Now, as certain people reading this know, getting up at what Betsy calls the ass –crack of dawn ( so lady-like , my princess—lol ) is not one of my strengths. I must say that when I traveled as a child with my parents we were always on the road before daylight and to this day, if I’m going to a specific destination or have a desire to get somewhere early for whatever reason I am up as early as and sometimes before my husband who rises at 4:30 and snores at 8:15 each night! Unless, it is worth rising, however, I am a night owl—I watch Jimmy Fallon before he replaced Leno ( I watch him now in Leno’s time slot, too) and make no apologies for rising between 8 and 9 am. If we are at the ocean or near the Bosque, however, sunrise is irresistible to me and I’m up in the dark. Give me a good reason and I’m right there and STILL stay up for late night without a nap!

This was one of these times. There is nothing more to say—the pictures tell the story. This is a magical place. We arrived at 6:45 after breakfasting at the motel at 6. The town was still on neon and the half-moon was the brightest thing in the sky. As we headed to San Antonio the sky just blossomed into the most magnificent palette of colors. By the time we left the refuge at 9:45, the sun was high and bright in the sky. Returned to the motel for a shower and to wash my hair. Grabbed the remainder of our luggage.  Lingered for  lunch at the El Camino Family Restaurant in Socorro and then headed, on I 25, to Belen and a lovely stay at Gloria and Bud’s!

I hope you can get just a small sense of the serenity and peace we find in this place. We met only two other vehicles on the road. It is just an oasis and inspiring place. We never know what we’ll see or what the weather will bring. Enjoy

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