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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Batavia to Cincinatti--Day 2

So tired last night I turned the light out at 10pm and slept with only two interruptions until Bill woke me at 7 am. Everything was ready to go to the car except the things I needed to get ready, which isn’t much. So, after a quick cup of coffee and the last piece of fresh fruit, a kiwi, we were out and on the road by 8—an hour earlier than usual. What a joy, other than the wind, the drive was. Sunshine and increasingly warm temps. Since we’ve traveled this route so often and most of you have been on this trip before, I didn’t take a picture of every blade of grass or mound of snow along the way. Actually, for the most part, the only snow to be found on the ground was along the Lakes—Ontario and Erie. And that is where the wind was also VERY strong—we were blown all over the road until we turned southward just before Cleveland. I must say I’m enjoying the jazz channel on Sirius radio—big band stuff from the ‘40’s. Bill always plays Willie’s Roadhouse—but I am truly sick of country—though I do like the old stuff. But, I love Big Band and remember the lyrics, the singers, the bandleaders and sing my heart out along with them. Not sure Bill loves my catawauling but after how ever many trips we’ve taken, I just decided it was my time, musically speaking. Love one particularly non-politically correct ditty—Zero Eddie. Have to find it on uTube for Betsy-she’ll have a fit—lol Around noon, Bill did ask to change the station to Fox News and we listened for about an hour before the radio went off—he did it. I had a bit of a lunch of pepperoni, water and some pineapple tidbits. Then about fifty miles from Cincinatti I woke with a start—didn’t remember dozing off but I guess I slept for about a half hour. Funny—guess I’m getting old. The gas prices have dropped as we’ve moved west and south and in Ohio we bought it at 1.499/gallon. Pretty good, though since the car is so good on gas the savings in the overall scheme of the trip is not major. Certainly the pre of gas would never be the deal breaker for us taking a trip. Even so a $50 savings is a savings to be used on something else. Arrived around 3:45 and went to Applebee’’s for dinner before checking in. Bill had Buffalo wings but I opted for the broiled salmon—very good! Now, at a reasonable hour we are ready to settle in with our books and TV. Will need to check the weather tonight—headed for Bowling Green for tomorrow but where are those tornadoes going to be. I’m a bit apprehensive to say the least—this is not the usual time of year for them and I’ve seen what they can do. Oh, as a final note—I’m becoming pretty good at texting! lol Good night from balmy Ohio, until tomorrow. The Valley Vagabonds KandB

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