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Friday, January 29, 2016

Day 1 Post Mills, Vt to Batavia, NY

Awake at 5am ! Tried to go back to sleep but just wasn’t going to happen so reluctantly left my warm bed, combed my hair, washed up and donned the clothes laid out last night for fast prep. Most of the luggage etc had been loaded last night except those things that could not handle freezing temps. Always have last minute items, not sure why, I’ve been getting ready for at least two weeks, have made more lists and checked and crossed out more things than I can count but still,,,,,After a cup of coffee, hugs to my Attila and pats on Shadow’s head by Bill, it was off by 7am. By the time we reached the intersection of Rte 4 and the Interstate the sun was breaking through, though that was the only time we saw any solar brightness for most of the day. Heading up to Killington it was amazing how little snow there is on the mountains and fields for the end of January. At the rest area in Fair Haven we hit a squall but the snow, though falling thick and fast with a few large flakes, did not stick to the road and by the New York line it was all over. Arrived at Barb’s at 3 minutes after 10—I’d called and said we’d be there at 10 and stay an hour. Charlie had driven up from Rotterdam so we five had a wonderful breakfast while Sunny and Damien frolicked in the yard and the porch. After having both run up to us quickly, off they went together never to return for doggie pats. After eating the guys went out onto the porch to smoke and Barb and I exchanged Christmas gifts, looked at family pix to decide on reprints and picked over my bin of books—she decided to keep them all—just like Sally last year—thank you, ladies!!! We would have been out the door at 11 but actually left around 11:10 since the fellas turned on The Weather Channel and we had to evaluate whether to stay the night or head west, since the map looked pretty snowy. Decided to take a chance and get as far west as possible. Hit maybe three very minor squalls that lasted less than 10 minutes each and arrived at Batavia at 3:15. Unloaded the car into the room, Bill went to Applebee’s, I changed, opened some wine and got out cheese, an apple, club crackers and pepperoni and did my virtual things. TEXTED Betsy as I had this morning to tell her we were on our way and now were safe in Batavia. Called Barb and also reassured her that we arrived safely with no weather surprises. Bill returned and verified what the desk clerk told us—storm coming tonight. Barb said she heard the same thing. Oh, well, being smart retired teachers, we built in snow days and we’ll just stay put. One last item, I have my emails all okay but Snapfish has messed around with address books. So, it may be I sent some of you the link to the small album of today’s pix twice while others may not have gotten the link at all. Please contact me if either of these happened. If you got one link and it is okay, don’t bother contacting me. I will fix any problems tomorrow night. For now, it is time to read the Week-end edition of USA Today—I LOVE getting that paper at the motels---and check out what’s on TV with another glass of wine. So, until we meet again, take care—The Valley Vagabonds--BandK

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