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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Cincinnati to Pulaski, Tn--Day 3

Another uneventful day in which the Weather Gods have smiled gently upon us. Up once more at 7 and on the road by 8. I prefer to sleep another hour and get on the road at 9 but Bill likes this better. However, because he is up at his usual 5 and drives from 7 he is ready to pull over at 1-130--well, at least that is how early it was today--we did however go into CST so gained an hour, in fairness. Nevertheless, sometimes we can't get a room until 3 because they aren't cleaned yet. Today, we were lucky and got a nice room on the second floor. There is a small lawn directly across from the exit of the parking lot at the motel in Cincinnati, which frequently has Canada Geese grazing on it. Today there was a whole flock--I would have thought they'd want to go farther south than Ohio for winter but I guess they are right across the river from Kentucky. They looked lovely in the early morning golden sunlight--about the only sunlight we saw all day, though the temperature was between 68 and 70 the whole trip. There is something to be said for going through a major city on an early Sunday morning. I cannot ever remember driving this stretch in anything but multiple lanes of bumper to bumper traffic loaded with trucks. This is the first time I've gotten a nice cityscape and an uncluttered shot of the bridge across the Ohio into Covington, Ky. It was a day just like this in Tulsa Oklahoma when the only other car on the road broadsided us requiring the purchase of a new car--Bill's G-5, which he is still driving and which, until last year, served us well on our winter excursions. Once more, today was on a route we've traveled many times. Just north of Bowling Green we started to see the first snow we've seen in many miles. Large remnant patches of Jonas---he must have cut a swath across Kentucky here. Usually, we stay in Bowling Green and were planning on doing so once more. It was 1130 when we reached there--MUCH too early to call it a day. Also Smoky Pig is closed on Sunday and Monday so there really was no incentive to dally. So where to go? Nashville? No, not if we aren't going to linger. Well, then, do the usual--hit the Trace and stay in Tupelo? We didn't get the weather report last night and we had seen discussion of tornadoes heading to the East --resulting from a warm moist air mass flowing north from the Gulf and meeting a cold air mass coming down with the jet stream from Canada. If we are going to dodge tornadoes we decided we'd rather do it in a more populated and active area than the bucolic Trace. So, we have decided to head south through Alabama--hoping to make the Gulf coast before tornadoes hit tomorrow in mid state Alabama and Mississippi. Our course in meteorology seems to indicate that the collision should happen more inland and if all goes well we will get below the line of tornadoes and thunderstorms before they start. Hoping those Weather Gods haven't tired of us yet. So, we are staying the night in Pulaski, Tn just north of the Alabama line and somewhat southwest of Huntsville. Tonight is Masterpiece night so I'm off to change and eat something before nesting in my nice Queen bed, which is all mine. Keep us in your thoughts until we write again tomorrow night. Good night to all, The Valley Vagabonds KandB

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