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Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Day in Alamogordo, New Mexico

Hi Trekkies, A nice relaxing day around town. Took our time getting out and about but first stop Heart of the Desert Pistachio Ranch. Bought several large bags of garlic and green chili nuts and a small one of my favorite Red Chile and Lime. Picked up a bag of pistachio cookies and a couple of misc. things as gifts. Spent $89.41. Then drove back into town and went to Lowe's Market where I found an interesting book about The Wicked Women of New Mexico. In her acknowledgements the author, Donna Blake Birchell says " thank you for navigating Highway 152 between Hillsboro and Silver City which proved to be an extremely gut- wrenching ride!" Well, we went from Silver City to TOC on that road in 2007, our first trip. I don't remember Hillsboro at all and it is the road that taught me to be leery of the roads on the New Mexico map. When we got to the end of it, Bill pulled over and just sat smoking a cigarette and stretching his fingers. Gut-wrenching, indeed! We also replenished some juices and picked up some items we can't get back home but that we've have found to be great in cooking or snacking. Also picked up some greeting cards for various past and upcoming events. We spent $89.35 there. I told Bill I planned it that way. Returned to the motel room to put perishables away, pack up Bill's b-day gift for Betsy and write the cards. Then Bill watched some old TV Westerns, Palladin, The Rebel with Nick Adams, while I started my book on those infamous ladies. It was around 1 and I wanted to go to the Sands when there would be some interesting shadows. Looked at the map to decide if we wanted to wait until early morning instead and then head to Las Cruces and take the long way to Socorro tomorrow. Decided I'd been there most of the time around 7ish am and would rather go for afternoon shadows this time. While looking at the map I saw the lovely nexus of roads leading from Roswell to Alamogordo. For years, after my Silver City experience I would only allow Bill to go over Ruidoso to Tularosa by Rte 70. Even the year we went up to Lincoln I made him go back to 70 rather than go over Capitan. Then two years ago, while traveling with Barb we went to Lincoln and I said let's go over Capitan to Carrizozo. It was a piece of cake. So last year, I took Bill that way. Having found those two routes pretty innocuous and beautiful, I got brave enough to do Cloudcroft this year. When we got back to the motel, the chambermaid said I know you from somewhere--we laughed and said, yes and we know you, too. We come almost every year. She said it was good to go to the Sands later, since the wind would settle down a bit--it was blowing quite well then. She also said they are predicting very strong winds tomorrow. Have to watch the weather tonight--we may not go over to Socorro if it is blowing too hard. May wait another day. We'll see. Headed to the Sands--I never realized it was Sunday til we got there--the place was crawling with people--lots from Texas! I'm terrible--I like the place to myself. It is such a peaceful and beautiful place. I don't think Bill cares about it--he drives through within a half hour but I do get him to stop for me to get a picture once in awhile. I wouldn't even ask him to stop and just sit and watch the light and clouds change--but at least he doesn't object to going back each year. I asked him to take a picture of me because the prompt for today on my POD was" a picture of me". God, don't give that man a camera! lol After another blue and white and yucca filled visit we headed back into town and Johnny Carinos for dinner. I wish we had that chain back home. I usually get the sausage Spagettini with a glass of red wine but they have a new dish--Vodka Tortellini Arrabbiata with sausage. Arrabbiata sauce, or sugo all'arrabbiata in Italian, is a spicy sauce for pasta made from garlic, tomatoes, and red chili peppers cooked in olive oil. The tortellini were stuffed with cheese and were served in a vodka cream sauce with arrabbiata sauce mixed in. Fresh tomatoes, green peppers and mushrooms and hot Italian sausage swam with the pasta. This followed a delicious Caesar salad and Italian bread served with garlic olive oil dipping. I had a glass of Santa Fe Brewery IPA. My mouth was on fire, I was stuffed and in heaven. Bill had a garden salad and the Spagettini with sausage and Bud Light. The young couple behind the bar were wonderful. When he ( Tori ) asked if we needed anything else as we were eating I said I was going to buy a loaf of bread to go--he said, I'll give you a loaf. Later when she ( Mari ) was ringing us up I told her the nice young gentleman said he'd give me a loaf. She said, sure. He brought it in a nice little bag and asked if I wanted garlic oil, too. I said nope. Then he left, since his shift was ending. All of a sudden she started to laugh--I said what's wrong--and she showed me her register card on which Tori had written Mari sucks in red marker. I said well, I guess he pulled the wool over my eyes and she should tell him. We were all laughing when he came back and I grabbed my bag of bread and said, well, I guess I figured you all wrong--laughing--he said why? I told him about the card and he whipped out his and said she started it--Tori sucks in red marker. By now we were laughing hysterically--I said oh, no, just like school, now which one has to sit in the corner. Mari laughed and said we have the same last name now--I told them I was going to tell you all I met this really cute married couple the Sucks at Johnny Carino's. Such fun and what nice kids. With that it was back to the motel. Now, I'm about to get comfy to watch Mercy Street, followed by the season finale of Victoria. Last night's Graham Norton was hilarious, by the way. So, after a really fun day, it is time to let this big meal settle in. For the last four days we've been eating really big, filling meals. Time for a break. Tomorrow I think I'm staying in and having tuna on fresh Italian bread. Sigh! Talk to you tomorrow night from Socorro, hoping their internet has improved as much as it has here. Until then, nightie night all. KandB

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