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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Traversin Missouri to See Friends

Ah, Two nights in Joplin and we feel quiet rested. Yesterday was a total rest day. I never got into street clothes--just reveled in the relaxation of sleeping in, taking a LONG shower, setting my hair, doing my nails and lazing around all day. Bill brought in Chili's chicken wings for dinner and I read almost a whole book. We had planned on going up to Carthage to roam the shops around the square and up to Lamar, the birthplace of Harry Truman but it rained all day--so it was perfect to stay in. This morning it was still raining but we went 200 miles north to Corder, Mo to visit with our friends, Paul and Jean. Paul and Bill were in Peace Corps together and their lives have many similarities--both married around the same time and had one daughter. Paul has been hands on in agriculture--growing thousands of acres of corn and soybeans and raising pigs. Their home is a lovely house in which Paul was raised set into the hills surrounded by their planted fields. No matter in which direction you look, the scene is just beautiful. As a matter of fact today's pictures focus primarily on the rolling hills, small towns, expansive cultivated fields and incredible storm clouds of Missouri. Our visit was so much fun--lots of laughter and catching up with fun ribbing about our political views and political situation we find ourselves in after an unreal election year. Travel and work and kids and a delicious lunch of a plethora of cold cuts and wonderful rolls from a deli near to us in Boonville but I bet they are closed tomorrow ( Sunday!). When we left Pioneer Road, we were almost immediately in the midst of a deluge preventing all visibility. After several miles of white knuckled driving the skies cleared and the roads were dry--but soon we found that we were to spend the next 50 miles going in and out of heavy down pours followed by almost no rain. I've never seen such banks of clouds or blackness of sky. Everywhere I looked was an even more jaw-dropping scenes. Got into Boonville and right next to our motel is a Russell Stover store. More jaw-dropping scenes of aisle upon aisle of candy. I hesitate to admit how much we spent on chocolate. Actually, I'm not telling. But, I really must close since an Easter egg is calling my name. Also we have to figure which way we are headed tomorrow. Sort of want to avoid St Louis but just don't know. All in all, a good day and now time to call it a day. So, to all a goodnight, until ...... KandB

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