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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Rest in Alamogordo, New Mexico

Tuesday March 11, 2014 Suite 155 Quality Inn Alamogordo, New Mexico 5:53 PM MST

Slept poorly last night, though the bed was super comfortable and the room was nice and airy. Had left the window open in anticipation for the overnight cool down but the traffic proved too noisy so closed the window and turned on the A/C. For some reason Bill was blocking the flow and so, with just a sheet I was cold but with the down comforter I was too hot. Went to bed at 10 only to be awakened by neighbors who came in at midnight—talked at normal voice in the hall and never heard of holding doors so they don’t slam. Wish I knew what room they were in, would have loved calling them at 6 when I was awake for the day! But, at least, as I lay in bed at 6:30 deciding I might as well get up, I watched the day begin through the window and had a lovely red reflection on the ceiling of the sunrise.

We took I-10 from Benson to Las Cruces, New Mexico, losing yet another hour. Decided I didn’t care about Chiricahua National Monument near Willcox so on we rode. In 2000, when Barb and I came to this area there was one little winery in Elgin—I had my first Shiraz there—now the whole area around Willcox is filled with pecan trees, walnut trees, pistachio trees and lots of wineries, though I didn’t see any vineyards.

From I-10 route 70 runs over San Augustin Pass onto the White Sands Missile Testing Area. For the first time in ages we were directed to a Customs’ and Border Patrol inspection station. Nice Patrolman merely asked if we were citizens and we were off. Stopped at the National Monument to use the restrooms. What a difference two weeks makes—a regular zoo! Hoping to go over at 8 am tomorrow and see the Sands in early morning light.

We are staying here for a couple of nights to rest. May go over Cloudcroft or through El Paso—each equally bad—to revisit Carlsbad.Should be a new Visitors’ Center since 2007 when they were operating out of trailers. Then we head across Texas to Goliad and the worst massacre of the War for Texan Independence. Next our favorite Louisiana Area for a little while. The time is slowly running out and soon we will be headed home in earnest. Don’t want to rush the last leg of the journey.

Looking forward to R and R tomorrow when we get back from the Sands. Have to find a copy of The Blue Tattoo—should have bought it in Santa Fe. Oh, well, there is always Amazon. Time to put up my feet and watch NCIS. Later KandB

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