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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Back to Kingman,Arizona

Saturday March 8,2014 Room 243 Quality Inn Kingman Arizona 7 PM MST

So we lost an hour today by returning to Arizona from California. Fortunately, Arizona does not go on DST so we won’t lose another hour until we go back into New Mexico which we be several days from now. It seems Barstow California has been destined to be the farthest West we will be on this trip. But that is more of California than Bill has ever been willing to explore before. That State just gives me such a headache—it is so expensive for everything. Paid $3.71 a gallon for gas and just down the street at I 15 it was $4.29!  Yet, here in Arizona it is $3.29. It has ever been thus. At any rate, we are now turned around and our travels will take us mostly South and East for awhile before heading back to the Northeast once more—but that is still three weeks away.

Once more we had to discuss our next step. We had thought to go to Organ Pipe since I was a bit disappointed by the lack of flowering of the desert plants and thought perhaps the more Southern Park and different cacti might provide a more spectacular display. But that is almost into Mexico and due South—so still very West. We talked about heading to Tucson and Saguaro but Bill has wanted to go to Guymon, Oklahoma as do I for steak at Eddies and to take in a rodeo as well as hit our favorite jerky seller. But then we want to spend a week around Lafayette before heading North. Decisions, decisions. So I went on the Internet—no rodeos in Guymon until April—decided on Tucson. We’ll hit Guymon again next year.

Slept somewhat late this morning but managed to get to the Restaurant in time for breakfast. Then we hit I40 to get back to Kingman—merely as a sleeping place on the way to somewhere else. The scenery was as usual spectacular and I tried my best to show the size and breadth of the distances along the road. Trains look like toys beneath the towering mountains way across the valley from our road. The moon looks like a white dot above the mountains in a cobalt blue sky. The golden and white flowers did form long mats along the sides of the highway and one lovely tree in a rest area was hung with chains of dainty yellow flowers. Most of my pictures are taken from a moving car and sometimes I’m astounded by the beauty of some of them—others not so much.

Called for our reservation from the road and then called the motel and asked for our room on the patio once more. Ate at the Dam Bar where the young lady remembered our drinks, at a very crowded bar, from the other night. Good waitress= good tip, although we always give between 18-20 % gratuity unless the service is absolutely awful.

Once more we arrived early enough to sit in the sun on the patio and read. God, I’m loving this sunny, mild weather.  After a rather uneventful day of travel, we are going to watch a couple more House of Cards installments. Almost finished this season and things are really unraveling for the Underwoods but they are so slippery they’ll probably pull through just a bit bruised. I do wish they’d stop with the gratuitous sex themes—what other perversion can they think of to make it more disturbing?  Gag!

Early bed and early to rise tomorrow for a new road through the mountains. Looking forward to the new sights. Hope you are, too. Later, KandB

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