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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Natchez to Tupelo on the Trace

Wednesday March 26,2014 Quality Inn Tupelo Mississippi Room 128 7:19 PM CST

Uneventful driving day on the Natchez Trace. The weather was beautiful –sunny, clear skies, 58 degrees or so. The most interesting thing was to notice how the flowers and leaves changed as we drove Northeast. Near Natchez the redbuds, cherry trees and dogwood was opened in great profusion. The leaves of the trees are small and fragile and depending on the species a variety of greens, oranges, reds. On the ground many yellow and white blooms and a few purples as well.

As elevation increased and we moved farther from the Mississippi the trees became less leafed out and the redbuds and yellow vine etc became less prevalent. By the time we’d gotten 145 miles from Natchez there was a very noticeable lack of leaves and flowers and the Spanish moss had totally disappeared. We stopped at the Reservoir outside Jackson and listened to the goose who was quite irritated by a dog and its female owner. I thought he was going to lose his voice he was squawking so much.

The trees along the Trace are so varied and at times there are individuals alone in a field and just are so perfect in shape and style. I haven’t a clue what most of them are, nor does Bill. There were certainly none of the fields of daffodils that the Trace Group posted this morning, not even South of French Camp where they claimed they are. The ride was beautiful nevertheless, as it always is and much different than when we passed this way in early February.

Arrived in Tupelo, having made a reservation last night, and therefore did not have the same problem of a furniture convention and no rooms available that we ran into on the way down. We ate at Chiles and I had their Caribbean chicken salad with oranges, pineapple and dried cranberries with a lime citrus dressing. Quite good.

We are now in a quandary. I didn’t make a reservation in Nashville while in Lafayette since I wasn’t sure when we’d be arriving. I knew that the Women’s Basketball March thing is there but thought we’d be able to get a room at the motel closest to downtown. Actually, I pretty much knew we wouldn’t and also that Bill really didn’t want to spend the money to go into town. I took a chance –having told him I would—and I lost. So, now, where to go—there is nothing in Tupelo that is interesting, nor in Bowling Green. We have an extra day and would rather NOT spend it in the North. So, it is to the map to choose where we want to spend the extra day. We will ,at any rate, continue on the Trace to Nashville area tomorrow.

Stay tuned—it looks like a new adventure is brewing. Until tomorrow—good night. KandB

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