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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Heading East so Retracing Steps to Roswell, New Mexico

Thursday March 13, 2014 Suite 129 Comfort Inn Roswell, New Mexico 4PM MST

Few pictures today since we are retracing some of our steps East. There are just so many ways to leave New Mexico to get where we want to go in Texas. We’ve been on every one of them, either East or West so not much new to record pictorially except maybe the weather conditions. When we came this was heading West a few weeks ago there was snow on Apache Peak, over 7000 ft. Today, not even a small patch. As we left Alamogordo we looked up at Cloudcroft which we considered climbing to Artesia but it is over 10,000 ft. and Bill wasn’t sure he wanted to submit this older car with lots of mileage to such thin air. I was reluctantly willing to try it, since he’s wanted to go that way for at least five years and I’ve always resisted. Can’t say I was upset when he decided to take the car’s feelings into consideration.

We had planned on going down to Carlsbad and revisiting the Caverns but when counting the days til we have to be home and what we really wanted to do between now and then we decided we didn’t want to use two of the remaining days to go to a place we spent many hours visiting several years back. Instead we want to go to the scene of the Battle of Goliad in Texas which, according to my friends in Corpus, was a much more serious battle than the Alamo. We have never been there and would like to go to someplace new, rather than repeat a visit.

Of course, I say that, but it is also on the agenda to spend a few days in Lafayette and return to the Swamp to see if Stumpy is still going strong. For those who haven’t been on the trip with us before that probably doesn’t mean much. If we go, all will become clear. Also Abita Spring Brewery has just released its annual production of Strawberry Lager, a seasonal. Have to get some for home.

And,if all goes well, we may honkey tonk in Nashville and hit Smoky’s on the way home. So, the pictures today look at Sierra Blanco in Ruidoso New Mexico with the only snow for miles around. A wave at the new welcome sign to Tularosa, a couple of signs that play right into the book I just finished about a man who claimed to be Billy the Kid, rather convincingly, I might add and several shots of the rolling hills that lead us out of the Rio Bonito Valley into a high mountain plain before dropping us into Roswell.

Grabbed a lunch at Pepper’s Grill and Pub and then checked into our suite for which we used 16,000 points of the over 100,000 which we have accumulated so far.  Bill is watching Judge Judy so I’m going to catch up on the silliness. Tomorrow into Texas and loss of yet another hour. No wonder I’m tired!  Take care, all KandB PS: New nail job--didn't consciously choose to do Blue and Gray but how apropos for Texas and the Confederacy! LOL

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