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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Kill the Gringo Disease Returns

Latest news from the Gallup sick room--Bill came back from the doctor's on the 9th with four prescriptions and a diagnosis of pneumonia. This time he got a nebulizer treatment, an inhaler, a codeine cough syrup, prednisone and a z-pac. God, I have never taken that many prescription meds in my life!!! Well, needless to say, my turn came on Monday the 14th. Same meds, no nebulizer treatment. Not pneumonia, thank goodness though I'm not sure how much healthier I've been. We both had fevers of 103 that aspirin wouldn't touch. I've had colds and bronchitis but this is a horse of a different color. Haven't been this sick since I gave up smoking 16 years ago because of a bout of bronchitis that had me so unable to breath I thought I was dying. Anyhow, to make a long story short we've been in this Gallup motel room now for a week--today is actually day 8--and we've been sick the whole time. Bill wants to leave today but I need to wash my hair--haven't had the strength to stand in the shower long enough to do it. Also organize the stuff in this room and pack up. I think I need to rest after that. I slept from midnight to 3 am very well but woke to go to the bathroom and have been coughing and hacking until 530 when I threw in the towel and got up. Bill slept well last night, I think though he is now up also hacking. The walls are so thin here I feel sorry for anyone who has had the misfortune of being housed next to our room. I doubt they've slept well this week. I'd suggested we go see the wolves and then stay in Grants which is only about 75 miles but Bill wants to push to Las Vegas. I see a forced march in our future--makes me real comfortable with him hacking away and taking cough syrup. He returned to the Doctor's yesterday since his meds were gone except for a bit of syrup and his inhaler. Doc sent him to the hospital for an xray and said he might have to put Bill on the heavy stuff. Xray came back clear! So, no new meds--just continue with inhaler and wait. This is what keeps happening--we don't beat this thing--it takes a rest and then comes back like gangbusters. I'm well aware of the dangers of overdoing antibiotics and God knows I DO NOT take meds--my aspirin is outdated by three YEARS and there are meds in the medicine cabinet probably older than Betsy--for God's sake. BTW,Sally, she really loved her singing birthday wish--even though she'll probably never get around to calling you and thanking you--I don't know how I failed to train her well in that regard. :( Anyhow, I'm now wearing Depends so I don't destroy everything I lie or sit on while hacking. Oh, happy day! On a happier note, I've lost five pounds and it ain't all water either, I've drunk enough to fill all five of the Great Lakes and may never drink water again. Wish I had some exciting adventures to write about but I figured it up--we have been sick together or in cycles since Feb 17 on and off and have been in long motel stays during the bouts. We aren't going any farther West---first time since the Cobalt died on the streets of Tulsa that we haven't made it to at least Arizona and most of the time to So. California! Depressing. I'm thinking --depending on the flooding etc we now have to navigate--that we'll be home before our Apr 1 plan. In some ways, this is the first year I'm looking forward to going home. I really don't like it there but I miss Betsy and the cats and I want to see Jessie, our regular doctor. She may not do anything differently but there is the trust and comfort factor there. Well, I look out the window beside me at the lights of the businesses surrounding the empty parking lot. The roads are empty though the traffic lights change every few minutes nevertheless. It is 630 am and dark. Oh, there goes the first car. Guess the rest of Gallup is waking up. And I hear room doors so early risers are headed to breakfast. I am going back to bed to read and hack some more. Will keep you posted as we make our way back East. So long for now. The Valley Vagabonds KandB

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