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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Oklahoma's in the Rear View Mirror--Hello, Mo!

Very tired this morning but still got on the road by 930. Pretty uneventful day--sunny, cool in the 40's and narrow two lane roads, east, north, south, east, north, east. Just couldn't get a straight east-west road before Novato when we picked up 10 to Miami. Not sure what was in the open spaces on the map other than huge open range with lots of evidence of burn. Went from one Indian Nation into another--Kaw Nation to Osage Nation to others we never heard of. But in Miami we returned to the land of Interstates as we took I 44 into Missouri and left it shortly afterwards in Joplin, where we are staying in a Sleep Inn that they haven't yet redone. I love the orginal art deco decor of the Sleep Inns but gradually they have been homogenized into the same uniformity of all the other motels in American chains. It is snowing in St Louis, but we aren't going that way. Still, as the day wore on and we headed north and east the cloud cover thickened. Early day--here by 2pm--and only covered 175 +/- miles but that is fine. Tomorrow we'll go over to Carthage to see if our junk shop is still there before we continue east to Poplar Bluffs. Moving ever closer to Kentucky. Since the Frankoma Pottery has closed I guess I'll have to try to replace my broken red bowl from eBay. :( I'd hoped to visit it again and pick up a couple more pieces of their unique designs. Oh, well. Until tomorrow, The Valley Vagabonds KandB o

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