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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Lazy Day in Punca City, Oklahoma

The motel is full of BNSF men who must be working on the tracks nearby. At 145 this morning one of the crews, perky and awake, gathered, laughing and joking around the coffee outside our door and then headed out the side door which abuts our room. For a half hour of joviality, I lay and listen to them going off to work like the Seven Dwarves! When dark morning silence returned I was good and awake listening to Bill's snoring! Meditated for a half hour to get back to sleep and managed to until about 7. Got up and had a quiet relaxed breakfast in the deserted dining room. Bill joined me eventually and then he returned to bed while I read. Both of us were rather lazy but, in time, we decided we would only build up our strength by getting out for awhile. We drove down to the Pioneer Women Museum, which is really quite small, though interesting. At first, since the front door is damaged for some reason, we weren't sure if it were open or not. But, indeed it was and inside we found a nice young man, a transplant from outside Atlantic City, who is an historian and regaled us with interesting info on the use of the loom and its parts, with stories of the women who were highlighted as famous and important Oklahoma pioneer women. There was also an exhibit on Oklahoman women who have been successful in journalism, both print and radio/TV. Lastly, there was a small exhibit on patent medicines of the early 20th century. It was interesting to see the magnetic nerve stimulator, one of which Bill has and which is in pretty good condition.Besides that, I remember Carter's Little Liver Pills that were still being made when I was in my 20's!. While the museum is interesting the most wonderful aspect of it is the beautiful Pioneer Woman Statue,17 feet tall and, according to the motel book, the third largest bronze statue in the world. Really? Maybe, but it is stunning whatever its standing. We had also tooled up Monument Rd to the Italian Palace on the Prairie. Didn't take the tour but the neighborhood is so built up that the " on the Prairie" part is quite diminished. It is a lovely home and was modeled after the Davanzati Palace in Florence. Oh, what oil money can buy--lol By the end of our tour we were tired and hungry so back to Cobb's. I ordered a roast beef sandwich. I think you all know what I expected--deli sliced roast beef slices, toast, mayo, tomato and lettuce. Well, sort of--Texas toast, with very little mayo, nice slice of ripe tomato and fresh bright green crisp leaf lettuce. AND a huge thick slab of stringy, cold, pot roast beef. Tasted okay but, omg, too much food and so dry--hard to eat. Managed half and some cole slaw and two huge glasses of coke. Bill had a beautiful, thick, grilled ham steak with pineapple. The food is definitely not fancy--it is home cooked and you won't leave starving. Good, inexpensive and filling. Brought a piece of chocolate pie home for tonight's dinner. The museum did not have the book Ruth told me about but I picked up Pioneer Women by Joanna L. Stratton. Hopefully, the writing will not be deadly. One never knows with historical books. Still, it is my plan to begin reading it--since I suspect tonight will once more be bb everywhere. LOL 4PM and today's adventures are over. Probably headed to Missouri tomorrow. Would love to spend time walking Standing Bear Park tomorrow but don't want to push it--need to get home without relapse, so must pace ourselves no matter what. Hear it is freezing at home--nice here today-sunny with puffy beautiful clouds and 60ish. Wind picked up in later afternoon. So, will let you know where we are tomorrow--for now, enjoy your week-end or what's left of it. Bye from the Valley Vagabonds KandB

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