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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Less Sick in Las Vegas, New Mexico

Thank you all for your emails --we feel better but not great. I tried walking a bit along the park in Las Vegas' Historic Plaza and got about four car lengths along the sidewalk and was wheezing like I was on the top of Everest. Got back to the car, probably looking intoxicated, collapsed and coughed. Bill didn't even get out of the car. We covered about 250 miles. He's not hacking as much but is tired so we covered the right distance. Had incredibly beautiful weather and traffic wasn't bad. It just felt good to be out. And it is nice to be in a new room. It was here one year that the lobby was filled with college boys sprawled on the couches in their sweats watching March Madness. They were from a small Christian college and right in the middle of everything, their chaperone? coach? teacher? came out and gathered them into a conference room for evening assemby. LOl Before leaving Gallup, I called the pharmacist and relayed the assortment of meds I've got and asked if I could use Musinex D safely to rid the passages of the residual mucus. Got the go ahead so took a prednisone, and inhaler. Two hours later I took one MusinexD and then an hour later I took my last zpac med. All done by 1pm and it is now 5. Feel much better and have had only one mild coughing attack. I think I've turned a corner. Bill still is very congested but says he feels good, just really tired. Methinks, By God, the Gringoes are going to make it! Bets says my blog was very scary--sorry--but it WAS scary. lol In response to some emails---OH< Cinda--it is a DATE!!! I don't care how but next year hell or high water, we shall meet in California!!!ho Barb--Not sure what you meant by this comment:The flower arrangements and displays there were better. But I've wanted to go to the Philly show for so long it is sad to hear it was disappointing. Love Longwood. Lilac Festival in Roch sounds terrific. Do you remember going to Newark for the roses when we were kids? Ceil--thank you--it is helping already--better than the meds. We are going to take our time and spend some exploring time in places we haven't been in years. It is sad to be headed home without getting to Az or Ca but Ok is calling and maybe Neb and Missouri Lastly, Sally--guess you and Bets thought we were going to Nevada--but I hate " Vegas" See no attraction at all. Love Tahoe though. Las Vegas, NM is northeast of Santa Fe headed toward Colorado, but we will make a right turn and head into Oklahoma panhandle out of NM. So far, Bill is doing fine. We are pacing ourselves. So, the pizza has arrived. Smells awful--Domino's --i like Pizza Hut--but neigher of us felt like sitting in a restaurant. Saving our strength for Eddies in Guymon if it hasn't closed. That's all she wrote folks, until tomorrow. The Valley Vagabonds bid you good night. KandB

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